1. Active Directory settings

Active Directory settings

Hexnode MDM lets you import your Active Directory into Hexnode MDM and apply policies straight
to the existing users, groups or OUs. No hassle of adding users manually.

Start by setting up your Active Directory.

Select Admin > AD settings

If you have already configured an AD, it will be displayed here. You can click open it to edit the
current settings.

Let’s now add a new Active Directory.

Click on the empty slot with the + sign. Specify your Domain Name, AD server address, Port no and your AD username and Password.

Selected OUs: By default, all the OUs in the domain will be selected. You can click on change to select the specific OUs you want.

Allow Self Enroll: If you enable Self Enroll, users in this particular domain will be able to enroll directly from the portal without any enrollment requests.

Schedule Sync: You can choose here, how often you want the AD to be synced with Hexnode MDM. You can select the days of the week you want synchronization to occur. You can also schedule a daily sync and choose the time of the day.

Once you are done, click Save. Your Active Directory will be synced with Hexnode MDM databases.