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What happens if I am enrolling a device in Android Enterprise without enrolling my organization in Android Enterprise?

For an MDM to perform an operation on a device on behalf of the organization, it requires a binding between the device and the organization. For Android Enterprise, this binding can be achieved by enrolling the organization in the Android Enterprise. If this is not configured prior to device enrollment,

  • You cannot initiate Android Enterprise Device Owner enrollment. The QR Code for such enrollment can be obtained from the Hexnode portal only if the organization is enrolled in the Android Enterprise.
  • Android Enterprise Profile Owner enrollment will fail with an error message “Android for Work has not been configured for your Organization. Please use Hexnode MDM app to enroll devices.”
  • Android Zero-Touch enrollment will be completed. However, a work profile will not be created in the device and the user will be asked to set it up. On proceeding, a prompt “Work user token creation failed” will be displayed.
  • Samsung Knox mobile enrollment will be successfully completed. However, a work account will not be set up on the device.
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