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Configure corporate email across all devices remotely with Mobile Email Management and let employees work from anywhere.

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Hassle free configuration

Configure emails with your desiredtype of authentication (POP or IMAP) remotely from a single console.
Enrollment and Policy shortcuts

No more missed emails

Work email will no longer get lost on the way when it is configured in your device with Hexnode MDM.
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Multiple work accounts configuration

The company email, calendar and contacts can all be synced to the enrolled devices through the same policy.

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Configure Exchange ActiveSync

Configure Exchange ActiveSync

Configuring Exchange ActiveSync settings are just as simple. You create policies specifying the activesync settings and then deploy over the air to multiple devices simultaneously.

In settings you can choose whether to allow move mail between accounts and access mail from other apps. SSL certification and encryption can also be forced. Instead of citing the individual usernames and passwords for each devices you can leave the fields blank and the users will be prompted for these details when the profile is deployed to their device.

Configure Calendar

Configure Calendar

You can configure read-only calendar subscriptions on the user devices’ calendar application. Users can subscribe to enterprise’s calendars of corporate events and holidays.

While configuring the calendar settings you need to specify the account name and URL. Username and password may be omitted to let the users enter manually during the installation of configuration profiles. Multiple accounts can be configured likewise. SSL encryption can also be enabled.

Configure Cal DAV

Configure Cal DAV

Users might want to sync multiple calendars on their mobile devices.HexNode MDM lets you configure the settings for any calendar that supports the CalDAV standard. You can specify the account settings enabling users sync calendar data with your company’s CalDAV server. Account password can be omitted during configuration. Users will be prompted for the password while installing the profile. SSL can be enabled for added security.
Configure CardDAV

Configure CardDAV

Hexnode Mobile Email Management lets you define the configuration settings to enable users sync their CardDAV contacts list on mobile devices. Once the CardDAV settings are configured and the profiles installed, users can access CardDAV directories when searching in Contacts, and be used to auto-complete email address as they are entered. HexNode MDM lets you configure multiple CardDAV accounts. Optionally you can enable SSL and add the necessary certificates for authentication.


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