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Troubleshoot Common Errors with Knox Service Plugin app

Hexnode enables you to configure the KPE features on the supported Knox endpoints using the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) app. The Knox Service Plugin app helps enterprises in deploying the latest Knox features. Yet, if you encounter any issues while accessing the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) app, this doc assists you in rectifying them.

  1. Please upgrade device to Android version 8.0 or higher
    The issue arises if the Knox Service Plugin app is installed and executed on a device with an unsupported OS version.

    Cause: You cannot create the Device Owner (DO) container on an Android version that does not permit DO profile creation.

    Resolution: Updating the device to the latest Android version (Preferably Android 8.0+) helps solve this issue.

  2. DO or PO is not found.

    Cause: The Device Owner or Profile Owner agent is missing on the device.

    Resolution: While enrolling the device in Android Enterprise, ensure that the DO or PO mode is set up correctly. Verify that the steps for Android Enterprise deployment initiated on the device are precise. If required, you may reset the device and provision it once again from the Hexnode portal.

  3. User did not agree to activate Device Administration permission for the application.

    Cause: The user failed to allow Device Admin permissions which is necessary for controlling the device.


    1. Remove the KSP app from the device.
    2. Re-install the app. You can either use the Mandatory Apps policy or Install Application action.
    3. Ensure that the user accepts the agreement this time.
  4. Fatal error occurred. [field title] is missing. Please check your input configuration and try again.

    Cause: There are specific mandatory fields to be specified while creating managed app configurations on the Knox Service Plugin app. This error occurs if the configurations pushed to the device are missing any mandatory fields.

    Resolution: Go through the App Configurations policy (for the Knox Service Plugin app) associated with the device, and make sure that no mandatory fields are left blank.

  5. Device is running an older version of application. Application will retry to apply the Knox policies after the next app update.

    Cause: The KSP agent is unable to recognize the schema elements pushed to the device using policies.

    Resolution: Check for app updates and re-distribute the policy.

    1. Navigate to the Apps tab.
    2. Search and select the app Knox Service Plugin app.
    3. On the App details window, click on the settings icon displayed on the top right.
    4. Choose the option Check for updates.
    5. If the app was installed using the Mandatory Apps policy, the app updates are pushed automatically. Otherwise, re-push the app using the Install Application action.

      You can also
      enable auto-update for the KSP app
      directly from the device.

    6. After updating the Knox Service Plugin app to its latest version, re-push the policies to the devices.
  6. Invalid license key.

    Reason: You have entered an invalid license key.

    Resolution: Ensure that you have associated a valid license key with the device.

  7. License expired.

    Reason: The license has expired.

    Resolution: Contact Knox Support or Knox Reseller.

  8. Permission error occurred. Please check your license key has necessary privileges and try again.

    Reason: The associated license key does not have the necessary privileges to apply a given policy. Certain features can be activated on the Knox devices only if the license key has enough permissions.

    Resolution: Contact Knox Support or Knox Reseller.

  9. Unrecognized application packages. Please enter valid package name in the format and try again.

    Cause: The format or the package name specified on the configurations policy is invalid.

    Resolution: Ensure that the package names specified in the policy conform to the Knox Support Android package rules.

  10. [policy title] in [profile deployed] is not supported by this device

    Reason: The Knox version running on the device does not support the specified features.

    Resolution: Identify the Knox versions that support the given features. Either upgrade the Knox or employ a suitable Knox device to enables these features.

  11. An error message is prompted on the app “Fatal error occurred. Please upgrade device to Android 9.0 or higher to use this application within Work Profile.”
  12. Error Code: 11002

    Cause: The device runs an Android version that does not support Profile Owner (PO) mode. KSP agent supports Android Enterprise PO deployment mode on Android P and higher with Knox 3.2.1 only.

    Resolution: Updating the OS to Android 9.0+ helps resolve the issue.

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