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How to configure App Catalog for macOS devices?

App catalogs allow you to easily install VPP, enterprise and store apps on your macOS devices. It is a custom app store where you can set up multiple app catalogs for different sets of targeted users to effectively provision apps.


  • Deployment of app catalogs is supported from Ultimate plan onwards.
  • Store apps added to the catalog will redirect the user to the App Store when clicked. Users can install these apps from the App Store.
  • At times, the installation might take a few minutes to complete depending on the network connectivity.

How to create a new app catalog for macOS devices?

To create a new catalog, navigate to Apps tab in your Hexnode UEM portal.

  • Select App catalogs.
  • Click on +New.
  • Add a name and suitable description for the catalog.
  • Choose Apps > +Add Apps to add apps to the catalog.
  • Select App Groups > +Add App Groups to add app groups to the catalog.
  • Once completed click on Save Catalog.

After creating an app catalog, assign them to users for app installation.

Now let’s assign this app catalog to individual users to make app installation easy.

  • Login to your Hexnode portal.
  • Open the Policies tab.
  • Create a New Policy or select from any existing Policy templates.
  • From macOS > App Management > App Catalog and click on Configure.
  • Choose +Add Catalogs and add the catalog.
  • Click Done.
  • Select Policy Targets and associate this policy with Devices/Device Groups/Users/User Groups/Domains.
  • Click Save.

As the policy is associated with the device, the Hexnode UEM app lists the customized store of apps together as App Catalog. Further, the user can install the necessary apps from the app catalog by clicking on the +GET button corresponding to an app. The app installation proceeds silently on the device.

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