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What is Android Enterprise Recommended?

Android Enterprise Recommended is an initiative led by Google that helps customers find the best equipped Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution to deploy their Android devices successfully. This program allows developers to integrate Android support into their EMM solutions via APIs and other tools. Keeping the corporate data safe and secure is a top priority for enterprises and that’s the prime reason why Google has put forward Android Enterprise Recommended to coincide with Google’s security efforts.

Android Enterprise Recommended program was molded with the aim of framing the best Android phones from manufacturers who are bound to keep the devices secure and simplify bulk deployment. It helps make Android devices more enterprise-friendly. An association with Android Enterprise Recommended program could make Android devices more engaging to enterprises who need resilience and manageability thus instilling greater confidence in devices. Enterprise customers can easily determine the best set of devices for their corporate use with Android Enterprise Recommended. Google provides technical support and training as part of validation.

Android Enterprise Recommended provides a list of devices recommended by Google satisfying the enterprise-specific requirements thus benefitting both the client organization and the OEMs that take part. The devices undergo a series of thorough testing against the best practices and common requirements laid by Google. The most essential requirements that need to be satisfied include:

  • The devices should satisfy the minimum hardware specifications for Android 7.0+ devices.
  • Support for zero-touch enrollment to allow bulk deployment of Android devices.
  • All the Android security updates should be delivered within 90 days of release from Google, for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Unlocked devices should be available directly from the manufacturer or the reseller.
  • The device should have a consistent application experience in managed profiles and on managed devices.

Not any device can get into this category- Android Enterprise Recommended program approves only those devices that meet this clearly defined list of requirements put forward by Google thus ensuring enterprises that the devices will work accordingly. This certification process individually affects every device, so that all of them needs to be tested and certified.

Android Enterprise Recommended was created with enterprise buyers in mind- not the average, everyday consumers. Hexnode MDM’s intuitive support for Android Enterprise creates a separate work profile on the user’s personal device or a completely corporate-owned work profile with no user intervention. The work profile splits up the device into smart containers- separating user and corporate apps, data, and accounts. Setting up corporate-owned devices as “Device Owner” allow organizations to lay complete control over the devices. In addition, it enables enhanced management and deployment of store and enterprise apps via Google Play for Work. This certification helps to ensure the organization supports Android zero-touch enrollment.

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