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How to Enroll Organization in Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise previously known as Android for Work is a program to create a work container on the device and separate work data/apps from personal data/apps. Android Enterprise also provides a wide range of features that helps the enterprise intensify its security capabilities.

To enroll the devices in Android Enterprise, you’ll need to go through three main steps.

  1. Enroll your Organization in Android Enterprise program.
  2. Enroll devices in Android Enterprise (device owner or profile owner or Work Profile on Company-Owned Device (WP-C) mode).
  3. (Optional) Apply configurations and set up app permissions, and/or create a custom App store and install applications.

Android Enterprise enrollment is available with Hexnode UEM’s Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Ultra plans.

Enrolling Organization in the Android Enterprise Program via Managed Domain

Before you start enrolling your devices with the Hexnode For Work app, you’ll need to enroll your organization in the Android Enterprise program. To enroll the organization in Android Enterprise program,

  1. Go to Enroll > Platform – Specific > Android > Android Enterprise from your Hexnode MDM portal.
  2. Select Enroll using > Managed Domain or Google Domain and click on Enroll.
  3. Sign in with your Google work account. If you don’t have one, try signing in with your personal email address and click Next.
  4. Enter the Google work account in the field to register with android enterprise

  5. Here you can sign up using the Sign up for Android only option with your personal email address. Click on Sign up.
  6. Select the Sign up for Android only option to register with your personal email address

  7. Sign in with your personal email address and click Get Started.
  8. Type in the name of your organization and read the managed Google Play agreement which is linked from the page.
  9. If you accept the agreement, check the ‘I have read and agree to managed Google Play agreement’ and click Confirm.
  10. Clicking on the Complete Registration button will take you back to the Hexnode UEM portal after your organization has been enrolled in the program. You might need to wait a few seconds before you are taken to the Hexnode MDM portal.

Now enroll your devices either in device owner or profile owner mode.

Manage Enterprise Google Play accounts with multiple users

When an organization enrolls in the Android Enterprise using the managed domain, an organizational Managed Google Play account will be created. The email address used for enrolling the organization becomes the administrator user for the enterprise Google Play account.

The Hexnode administrators have the authority to control the app management tasks from the MDM console. The enterprise Managed Google Play administrator is also responsible for managing these apps from the Managed Google Play console. This administrator can add new users to the managed Google Play to assist him/her in performing the managerial actions. These new users can be assigned the roles “Admin” or “Owner”.

Admins can manage free or paid apps, as well as approve apps. The owners have the ultimate privilege in the account; they can perform the admin duties in addition to adding or removing account admins/owners and deleting the enterprise.


Only owners can create or delete owners and admins in the Managed Google Play console.

Add an admin

To add an admin user in the organizational Managed Google Play account,

  1. Sign in to Managed Google Play.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Admins.
  3. Click on the + button and enter the email address of the user and click Invite.
  4. An invitation to manage the account will be sent to the user via email. Click on Close.

create new owners

Once added, the user will be listed among the Admins. The user should accept this invitation by clicking Get Started button on the email. They can then log in to the Managed Google Play and perform app management tasks.

Create an Owner

An owner cannot be directly created; they can only be upgraded as owners. Therefore, to add one, he/she should be first added as an admin.

  1. Sign in to Managed Google Play.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Admins.
  3. Select an Admin user by clicking on the pencil icon corresponding to the name.
  4. Change the user role from Admin to Owner and click Update.

Delete an Owner/Admin

To delete an owner or an admin in the Managed Google Play account,

  1. Sign in to Managed Google Play.
  2. Go to Admin Settings > Admins.
  3. Select the user by clicking on the pencil icon corresponding to the name.
  4. Click Delete.

delete the existing owner from Android Enterprise


Creating a new Owner and removing the existing Owner helps you re-configure Android Enterprise on the Hexnode portal without necessitating device re-enrollments.

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