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How to Enroll Organization in Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise previously known as Android for Work is a program to create a work container on the device and separate work data/apps from personal data/apps. Android Enterprise also provides a wide range of features that helps the enterprise intensify its security capabilities.

To enroll the devices in Android Enterprise, you’ll need to go through three main steps.

  1. Enroll your Organization in Android Enterprise program.
  2. Enroll devices in Android Enterprise (device owner or profile owner mode).
  3. (Optional) Apply configurations and set up app permissions, and/or create a custom App store and install applications.

Enrolling Organization in the Android Enterprise Program via Managed Domain

Before you start enrolling your devices with the Hexnode For Work app, you’ll need to enroll your organization in the Android Enterprise program. To enroll the organization in Android Enterprise program,

  1. Go to Enroll > Platform – Specific > Android > Android Enterprise from your Hexnode MDM portal.
  2. Select Enroll using > Managed Domain or Google Domain and click on Enroll.
  3. If you have chosen the Managed Domain option, sign in with a Google account and click Get Started.
  4. Type in the name of your organization, and read the managed Google Play agreement which is linked from the page.
  5. If you accept the agreement, check the ‘I have read and agree to managed Google Play agreement’ and click Confirm.
  6. Clicking on the Complete Registration button will take you back to the Hexnode MDM portal after your Organization has been enrolled in the program. You might need to wait a few seconds before you are taken to the Hexnode MDM portal.

Now enroll your devices either in device owner or profile owner mode.