Distribute Android Enterprise Apps using Hexnode MDM

An Enterprise app or in-house app is an application developed and used inside the same Organization. Enterprise apps are not meant to be distributed to the public. So, they are not published in App Store or Play Store, and thus have a different way of distribution. Hexnode MDM simplifies the process of distributing Enterprise apps in many ways.

Add Enterprise App

The first step is to add the app to MDM console. To add an Enterprise app to Hexnode MDM console,

  1. Go to Apps tab.
  2. Select +Add apps > Enterprise app.
  3. Select the platform.

Add Android Enterprise app

If Android is selected,

  1. Provide a name for the app.
  2. Click on Choose File button and select an APK file.
  3. Select a category available from the list. To add missing categories, Press the add (+) button and type in the category.
  4. Give a description of the app in Description text box.
  5. There’ll be two advanced settings – Remove on Disenroll and Prevent App Backup.
    • Remove on Disenroll option will uninstall the Enterprise app if the device is disenrolled.
    • Prevent App Backup will prevent the app data from backing up.


Install apps to devices

There are two ways to install the app(s):

  • Go to Management, select the device(s) > Manage > Install application. Select the app(s) from list > Done.
  • Click on a device name. Proceed to Actions > Install application. Select the app(s) from list > Done.

You can choose to display iOS apps or Android apps only, while you are in the app selection window.

Install apps from Policies

You can also add an Enterprise app from Policies, in several ways as given below.

Method 1: Set mandatory apps.

  1. Go to Policies and name it.
  2. Click on App Management tab > Mandatory Apps > +Add > select Add Apps or Add Group.
  3. Select the apps already added to Apps settings. If you’ve created an App Group at Apps > App Groups, then select the app group from the list.

Method 2: Select an app catalog.

  1. Go to Policies and name it.
  2. Click on App Management tab > Catalogue > Add Catalogues. You should have an app catalog created at Apps > App Catalogs.
  3. Select the catalogs with Enterprise apps you need to add and click on Done.

Associate the policy to target devices and the apps will be added to the devices.

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