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Can devices not purchased from authorized resellers be enrolled using Apple Device Enrollment Program?

Yes, you can enroll a device not purchased from an authorized reseller using the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

You can use Apple Configurator 2.5 or later versions to enroll devices running iOS 11+, that were not purchased directly from Apple or an authorized reseller, in Apple DEP.

To add an iOS 11+ device to DEP using Apple Configurator 2.5,

  1. Create a Wi-Fi profile and a blueprint with DEP configurations.
  2. Connect the device to the Mac and apply the blueprint to the device.
  3. Erase the device when prompted.

Once the process is complete, the device will get added to the Apple Business Manager account and the Hexnode MDM portal.


  • To enroll a device using Apple DEP, your organization should have an Apple Business Manager/ Apple School Manager account. To create such an account, you should have at least one device purchased directly from Apple / Apple Authorized Resellers.
  • Before erasing the device, disable Find My Device on the iOS device to disable the activation lock.

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