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Synchronization issues of Hexnode app with MDM server for Android devices

The Hexnode MDM app is the agent app that helps manage the devices from the Hexnode Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console. This agent app installed on the devices establishes the endpoint-server communication necessary for device administration. Any management actions and policies processed from the UEM console are interrupted if the app fails to communicate with the UEM server. Hence, the agent app must be able to synchronize with Hexnode automatically. This troubleshooting doc helps resolve the issue with Android devices when the MDM app is unable to sync with the UEM server.


The device is unable to sync with the UEM portal after a device reboot.

Probable Reasons:

Hexnode MDM app might fail to sync with the UEM server if it cannot restart automatically after the device reboot. Probably, the user has not granted the required permission(s) on the device to make the MDM agent app launch automatically.


The user is required to grant the necessary permission for the Hexnode MDM app from the device settings so that the app restarts automatically even after reboot. It guarantees that the MDM agent app communicates with the server successfully. The user has to review the following permission(s) for the Hexnode agent app from the device settings:

  • Autostart permission: Autostart permission enables applications to start automatically after an Android device reboots. This ensures that the necessary apps run in the background without being killed. Hence, the Hexnode MDM app must also be granted Autostart permission. If otherwise, the device will fail to sync with the UEM server.
  • App Launch settings: App Launch settings manage how the applications are launched on the devices. It determines how apps run in the background and closes them when not in use to optimize the battery power. Disable the option ‘Manage all automatically’ under the App Launch settings. It ensures that the Hexnode MDM app is launched automatically.
  • Auto Launch settings: Like the App Launch settings, the Auto Launch settings enable an application to launch automatically when the device starts up. The user should allow the Hexnode MDM app to auto-launch from the app settings page of the device.

The permissions vary with device manufacturers. The user is required to approve the permission(s) from the device settings accordingly.

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