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Hexnode MDM Enrollment – FAQs

1. How do I enroll mobile devices in Hexnode MDM?

Enrolling mobile devices is easy. You can start by sending out enrollment requests to a domain, organization unit, user group or individual users. If you enable self-enrollment option in Hexnode (Enroll > All Enrollments > Enterprise > Self-Enrollment-Local), you can skip ahead of requesting. Users can directly access the Hexnode MDM enrollment portal to register their devices.
At the enrollment portal, users will be validated against their user credentials or an OTP depending on the type of enrollment. After validation, users just need to tap the Enroll button and follow the on-screen procedure to complete the MDM enrollment.

2. What does enrolling do to my mobile device?

Enrolling is the process of registering a mobile device with Hexnode MDM. It is the first step towards managing and securing the device. Once a device is enrolled, Hexnode MDM will be able to securely communicate with the device and activate the configurations and restrictions you have set for the device.

3. Can I cancel an already sent enrollment request?

Yes, you can cancel a sent enrollment request from,
Enroll > Status > select the required users with “Pending” request status > Manage > Cancel pending Requests.
Once the request is canceled, the enrollment link becomes invalid and the request status will change to Cancelled.

4. How to unmanage a DEP enrolled Apple device?

A simple factory reset on the device won’t be enough to unmanage the device enrolled via Apple DEP. Instead, the managed device must first be removed from the DEP server thus automatically removing it from the Apple Business Manager (ABM) portal and then a reset be initiated on the device in Recovery Mode to unmanage the device. To re-associate the device with DEP, the admin should repeat the steps to add the device in DEP.

A disenroll action (Manage > Devices > Choose target device > Actions > Disenroll Device) from the Hexnode MDM portal would remove the device from the MDM console thus preventing the admin from further controlling the device, keeping the device associated with DEP.

5. What are the prerequisites for enrolling an iOS device using Apple Configurator?

The essential pre-requisites to be met before enrolling iOS devices using Apple Configurator are as follows:

  • Before enrolling the device, make sure it is not previously linked to an Apple ID.
  • Turn off Find my iPhone on the device to disable the activation lock.

If the devices are purchased from Apple or Apple-authorized resellers and DEP is available in the region, it is recommended to initiate enrollment via DEP.

6. How to remove iOS device supervision and Android Device Owner provisioning?

Supervision, as well as Device Owner provisioning, are mechanisms that impart additional control over the managed devices thus unlocking advanced restrictions and configurations. Both the services can be undone by a simple factory reset of the device.

7. Explain the ways in which you can update the username and email address of an enrolled device?

Hexnode allows the administrator to modify the username and email address associated with enrolled devices without having to re-enroll the devices. The associated credentials can be modified by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to Manage > Users and choose the target user.
  • Click Actions on the right and select the Edit User option.
  • Enter the new username and email address and click Save.

The modified changes will immediately reflect on both the enrolled device and the Hexnode MDM console.

8. Is it possible to enroll a non-authorized reseller purchased device using Apple DEP?

Only devices purchased from Apple or Apple-authorized resellers can be enrolled using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). However, devices running iOS 11 and above can be enrolled into DEP using Apple Configurator, regardless of how and from where they are purchased.

9. How to change the email address of an admin/technician in Hexnode?

To change the email address with which the admin signs up on MDM cloud, go to Admin > Technicians and Roles and click on the edit icon adjacent to the listed technician. Here, the admin can edit the email address and other credentials.