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Patriot Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc.
"Our company had previously set up apple ids for all of our employees. Setting up a new employee was very time consuming and arduous. I now can set up a new employee very quickly using Hexnode.

I love the fact that I can track an ipad or iphone location and put it in lost mode if needed. I have already had to do that once and we have only been set up for a month. Our big book of user names and passwords and processes and policies is going in the garbage now! Tech support has been great at helping me through our unique challenges and have helped me to set up our company calendar on everyone's phone as well as all of our company google contacts. I think the prompt support I have received while learning the product has been the best feature.

Accident Support Services International Inc.
Simple user interface makes it easy to manage our tablet inventory. Ability to create device groups for each jurisdiction and able to apply multiple policies per device group Nothing stands out. Look forward to the bulk delete of apps across devices.
Tacos 4 Life
The best thing about the product is their support; they are extremely helpful and very responsive! The pricing is also competitive, and the product is easy to use. I don't have any major complaints about the software.
Hartley ISD
The product has performed as advertised. I think that the most important area that I have to deal with is the support. The tech help has been stellar. I have never had a negative experience with Hexnode. A++ rating.
I think you have one of the best products on the market, compliments to your team.
Hexnode MDM allowed us to manage 100+ devices and remotely deploy our Enterprise App. Great product, excellent customer service!
Electrical Tech Services, Inc
As a growing company, we have been innovating in our use of technology. Utilizing Hexnode has allowed us to maximize our technology usage while also maintaining our security, and giving us the option to securely provide devices to employees while minimizing risk to our organization.
Andalusia Hospitals
Topnotch customer service whatever my region time I find someone answer me and give support, Ability to Schedule new requests for features didn't exist, MDM with awesome mobile tracing system" For that I recommend Hexnode.
DKT Health
Part of my project with DKT Philippines Inc. was to continuously monitor and inventory the new devices deployed to our field personnel and with this I started searching for a reliable but cost effective Mobile Device Management solution. The market has lots of platform to offer and the only thing that differs are the costing.
I came across Hexnode MDM through searching on websites that reviews MDM platforms and thought might give it a shot. With the platform familiarity of their sales team and the responsiveness of the technical team, I am very glad that I have deployed my project through Hexnode MDM. A cost-effective solution with features of other MDM platforms. Kudos Hexnode and Mitsogo for creating this simple yet very reliable, user-friendly and cost effective solution.
Information and Technology Ltd.
In four hours I have taken a brand new phone, locked it down to just 5 apps and issued 4 of them to a fleet of roaming fitters.I could never have done that with Airwatch in a month of Sundays.
Wyee Computer Services
Easy to set up. Support is always quick to respond. Any issues are resolved quickly. Updated regularly. Plenty of helpful tools/information to help with my daily operations. Occasionally run into issues with features not working as I expected, although support was quick to help/explain.
West KNOX Utility District
The software implementation was tremendously easy. Needed very little support in the setup process. The day to day management of the devices has been just as simple as the implementation was. Also when needed the support has been great to work with. Wished that every user did not have to have an email"
We have a very weird use case, and Hexnode have always stepped up quickly to support us, regardless of whether or not we were paying. The software meets our use case probably 95% and the last 5% is due to us not them. It feels a bit beta still, I think they have lots of room to grow to help make the admin dashboard etc more usable but its fine right now.
Non stopped improvements and enhancement to raise this product , and 24 hour technical support its over all I think , very polite and professional team to contact with and the always help even its a miner issues , very supportive team in general even if its non hexnode mdm issue they always give a very good consulting effort,
hope to always be at this stage of helping and support , as the product it very good and covers all or need , I have added the releases in the feature , when some features added to the product as remote connection and other issue which is contacted with the team , it will be our golden software
Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation
Great feature set for price point. It meets our tribal requirements without paying for features we don't need or won't use.
Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center
Excellent customer support, price point hard to beat Our church has a lot of ipads for check-in stations and for our private school. Attempting to manage all of them one by one was impossible. Hexnode MDM allows me to focus more of my time on educating the students instead of trying to deploy a new app on multiple devices each day.

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