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"It seemed to be in-line with everything we were looking at."

We tested about 3 or 4 different ones and I was the most impressed with what Hexnode had offered compared to the others. It was getting very cumbersome so Hexnode could provide all that we were looking for in an MDM.


Ruston Paving

"Hexnode seemed to be much more responsive."

The one thing that struck out is, it does seem pretty immediate. The other MDM we used would take forever to actually push down to the devices. Hexnode seemed to be much more responsive. Things would happen more immediately and more reliably, which is good.



"Hexnode’s help has been really invaluable."

It had really made my job a lot more easier in terms of dealing with or managing the iPads. I never had to wait very long for a callback or email back from anyone on your team which is something that I deeply appreciate.



"Fantastic product, Awesome service"

I needed a specific use case, they delivered it and more. I have found features i was not looking for that have now become great additions.
The plans are well laid out from a pricing point of view regarding the functions associated. The team also have taken on board feedback and requirements and even added functionality where appropriate.
I you know nothing about MDM but know you need one I don't think you could find a better team to help you. If you need an MDM solution to grow with your business needs, then this is likely to be a great fit.
Hexnode have shown a unique passion to be the best at what they do, regardless of my needs they strive to deliver more to make there solution better. This in turn make give me more tools in the kit.
Hats off to the team and keep up the good work!



"Very polite and professional team to contact with and always helps even its a minor issue"

Non-stop improvements and enhancement to raise this product and 24-hour technical support. Its overall I think a very polite and professional team to contact with and they always help even its a minor issue, very supportive team in general even if its non Hexnode MDM issue they always give a very good consulting effort.
Hope to always be at this stage of helping and support, as the product is very good and covers all or need.


Los Angeles Distribution and Broadcasting, Inc.

"Lightyears ahead of MaaS360"

You guys are lightyears ahead of MaaS360 in terms of UI and usability...


Red Sea Gateway Terminal

"Feature rich and easy to deploy MDM solution"

Hexnode have helped us in delpoying our MDM solution in record time. We've been looking for MDM solution that we can easily try out and deploy and manage with the current size of our business and number of devices, and Hexnode is the right solution. From pricing, support and ease of use -- it's a winner.
For the basic features we are looking for like Kiosk and application lock, it works like a charm.


Hartley ISD

"A++ Rating"

The product has performed as advertised. I think that the most important area that I have to deal with is the support. The tech help has been stellar. I have never had a negative experience with Hexnode. A++ rating.



"Great product, excellent customer service!"

Hexnode MDM allowed us to manage 100+ devices and remotely deploy our Enterprise App. Great product, excellent customer service!


East Troy Community School District

"Hexnode is of great value. Works great with Android and iOS! "

The interface is very easy to use which cuts down on admin time. Support is very responsive and thorough. We primarily use Hexnode for Android. We use the multi-app kiosk mode in our elementary classrooms and it works wonderfully. We push all Android apps as APKs. I recently started adding some iOS devices and have Hexnode synced with our VPP account. I was having some issues with certain app settings in kiosk mode. All my issues have been resolved by support


Tacos 4 Life

"The product is easy to use"

The best thing about the product is their support; they are extremely helpful and very responsive! The pricing is also competitive, and the product is easy to use. I don't have any major complaints about the software.


Roadside Systems Inc

"Hexnode Kiosk Mode is Awesome! "

Ease of use. It takes very less time to setup a fully functional kiosk mode. Great customer service. Always available and highly trained professionals. Portal is very user friendly - getting around to know the features is a breeze!
Bandwidth management is available only in the top tier. It would be good if it is available in other plans as well.



"You have one of the best products on the market"

I think you have one of the best products on the market, compliments to your team.


Electrical Tech Services, Inc

"Hexnode has allowed us to maximize our technology usage while maintaining security"

As a growing company, we have been innovating in our use of technology. Utilizing Hexnode has allowed us to maximize our technology usage while also maintaining our security, and giving us the option to securely provide devices to employees while minimizing risk to our organization.



"Most complete MDM solution I found, and I tested many of them, including major names"

Support is excellent. Software supports all possible things you can imagine, including android for work, mobile data management, kiosk modes, etc. It costs 4USD for ultimate version, it is feature rich, but it is competing then with VMWare and SOTI pricing. Anyway, I find it easier to use and has much nicer and more intuitive interface.


Trend Services Inc

"Works great"

Hexnode offers several different levels of features. We needed to lock down a Samsung Galaxy Tab E to only use one program. Their first level feature, Kiosk mode, is all we needed to be able to do this. It works great. The tablets auto boot into the program we have installed, and all other functions of the tablet are disabled or not accessible. On top of this, they are by far the cheapest company we've found to offer this feature. Software is easy to install and easy to use. The initial policy setup in the management URL takes a little time but is also easy. Once the setup is complete, you can assign the policy to whatever device needs it. You can have multiple policies if needed as well.


Consec Group

"Manage devices easily and support is terrific"

Ease of use, device type coverage (iOS, Android, Windows), excellent support response and smooth interface. Hexnode has made managing all our company devices easy. Easy management of a number of devices both locally and interstate. Missing some features (e.g. Battery level display on web interface) although they are planned. It would be nice to be able to download a PDF manual to consult instead of individual web sections.


Essence Labs Inc

"Easiest MDM service out there. I've tried a dozen, and this was the best"

The user interface! Everything has descriptions and their knowledgebase is the best. And they support almost all mobile OSs. Not much to not like, its straightforward. It may be a bit bloated cause they have same dashboard for kiosk mode. But, that's okay.


Westcoast Transportation Inc

"Hexnode has made it a lot easier for me to manage the 165 tablets that I have to take care of"

The way that you can update programs that you use for business without have to have each person come in. I just update the app I need and when they sign on it prompts them to install it and we are done works great.
Disenrolling a device could be a little easier if you do not have time you have to do it in 2 separate sections for it to take place right away. Otherwise, you can wait a few minutes and it will do it from the search screen.


Tolowa Dee-ni' Nation

"Great feature set for price point"

Great feature set for price point. It meets our tribal requirements without paying for features we don't need or won't use.


Wyee Computer Services

"Easy to set up. Support is always quick to respond"

Easy to set up. Support is always quick to respond. Any issues are resolved quickly. Updated regularly. Plenty of helpful tools/information to help with my daily operations. Occasionally run into issues with features not working as I expected, although support was quick to help/explain.



"Hexnode has always stepped up quickly to support us."

We have a very weird use case, and Hexnode has always stepped up quickly to support us, regardless of whether or not we were paying. The software meets our use case probably 95% and the last 5% is due to us not them. It feels a bit beta still, I think they have lots of room to grow to help make the admin dashboard etc more usable but its fine right now.


Worthington Libraries

"Hexnode has one of the more intuitive UIs"

Hexnode has one of the more intuitive UIs I have had the experience of using. It's ease of use is one of the reasons we've chosen it as our MDM solution.


ITC Research & Development Manager, Nathealth

"We got prompt response from Hexnode every time"

Support was immediate, and we got prompt response from Hexnode every time.


CIO, Ur&Penn

"It saves a lot of time and support tickets... it's a time saver."

It was easy to understand. I had a few questions that I got into the support and I liked that the support always answered quickly. So, we got the help and answers that we needed so fast and that made us take the decision faster that Hexnode is right for us. It saves a lot of time and support tickets... it's a time saver.

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