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Do I have to re-enroll a device after being wiped?

The device management of a wiped device can only be retained in some types of Android and iOS device enrollments.

An iOS device enrolled in Hexnode MDM through Apple DEP will be automatically re-enrolled after the device wipe. If the device is added to DEP via Apple Configurator, during the initial 30-days of the device deployment, the user can remove the device management from the setup wizard on wiping. After the device wipe, click on Leave Remote Management on the Remote Management setup wizard for removing the MDM management. This option will not be available after the 30-day provisional period for an Apple Configurator enrolled DEP device.

On Android devices enrolled via Samsung Knox, Zero-touch, Android ROM/OEM enrollment, devices with Hexnode app as a system app, and in devices with Hexnode MDM System Agent app as a privileged app, the device management will be retained as the MDM app will get reinstalled on the device after each factory reset.

The devices enrolled via other enrollment techniques will get disenrolled after a wipe, but the device data will be retained in the portal. These devices have to be manually re-enrolled to regain management.

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