Mobile Application Management

Mobile Application Management
Enterprise mobility has grown beyond the deployment of Mobile devices. Mobile apps are transforming the organisations around the globe by allowing employees to communicate, collaborate real-time and stay connected to the enterprise. But in addition to the corporate apps, users may install unprotected apps on their own leaving the corporate systems and network insecure and vulnerable to attacks.
Thus Management and control of deployed devices at the app level is critical to ensure corporate security. Acquiring, deploying, tracking and securing the apps can be quite overwhelming.

Mobile Application Management Solution

Powerful Mobile Application Management solution from Hexnode helps you secure your systems and network in compliance with key regulations.
Secure your apps, devices and content with the inbuilt App management features in Hexnode MDM

Mobile Application Management Key Features

  • App distribution
  • App installation and un-installation
  • App catalog
  • App Black/White-listing
  • App Reports

App distribution 

With Hexnode MDM you can seamlessly roll-out mobile apps. Both public apps and enterprise apps can be centrally distributed. Directly deploy apps without having to feature them in a public appstore. This accelerates the deployment process and helps the users install specific apps with ease. When it comes to deployment, you don't have to manually select each device to initiate installation, you can simply add the specific devices to a new group and push apps to the entire group at once.
app distribution

App installation and uninstallation

Secure the user devices from the vulnerabilities of installing malicious apps. You can blacklist potentially risky apps or choose to restrict the user devices from installing apps altogether. Remote uninstallation of dangerous apps can also be performed from the admin portal. Mandatory app features ensure your users have all the essential apps installed and updated to the latest versions. You receive alerts against the users without mandatory apps. You can notify them to install specific apps, message them download links or force installation from the admin console.
App installation and uninstallation

Enterprise App Catalog

Enterprises need to have a secure platform for deploying enterprise apps and public apps. Hexnode MDM lets you create an enterprise app catalog to easily deploy and manage in house apps alongside public apps. The app catalog provides business users inside the enterprise with a single location for accessing both internally developed and externally sourced corporate apps. Different set of apps can be assigned to different groups of users based on the organization structure. Multiple apps can be installed or updated at the same time allowing faster deployment.
App Catalog

App Black/White listing

Hexnode MDM enables you to pro-actively control which apps gets installed on the enrolled devices by blacklisting and whitelisting. Administrators get instant notifications if any users have blacklisted apps installed on their devices and can initialize uninstallation from the portal. Hexnode MDM lets you easily add specific apps to whitelist or blacklist. The lists can be edited, reset or removed at ease. You can create custom groups based on the employee structure in the organization and assign blacklisting/whitelisting policies to each group. Apps can also be black/white listed for individual users.
mobile app deployment

App Reports

Hexnode's Mobile Application Management solution delivers you detailed reports and analytics on the apps installed across all of the enrolled devices. You can easily track the popular apps within the enterprise. Hexnode Mobile Device Management Solution provides detailed reports on enterprise apps as well. Comprehensive reports on users with blacklisted apps help you secure your enterprise in accordance with the compliance regulations.
reporting audit compliance

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