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How to add Admin account on macOS devices

An administrator account has complete access to everything on the Mac, including installing software updates, installing/uninstalling applications, access and delete system files, and perform any other administrative tasks. An admin user in a macOS device can add and manage other users and change system settings. Hexnode lets your organization add an admin account for macOS devices that are enrolled via the Apple Business Manager.


The macOS device must be enrolled via Apple Business Manager for Hexnode to add admin users.


  • This feature is only available in macOS 10.11 or higher versions.
  • This feature is available only on the Ultra subscription plan.

Adding Admin User

The macOS device enrolled via Apple Business Manager can be seen in the DEP Devices list. We can add admin users by configuring a DEP Configuration Profiles.

  1. On your Hexnode portal, go to Enroll > Platform-Specific and under macOS, click on Apple Business/School Manager.
  2. Under DEP Devices, you can see the enrolled macOS devices. Click on DEP Configuration Profiles to configure DEP policies.
  3. Click on Configure DEP Profile to create a new DEP policy. You can also edit the existing DEP profiles by clicking on it. Give a suitable name for the DEP Policy.
  4. Check the Configure user accounts option.
  5. You will have the following options to configure.

    Add admin account on macOS devices enrolled via Apple Business Manager in Hexnode MDM
    Setup new account as Administrator
    Full name Enter the name of the Administrator. Supports the use of wildcards.
    Account name You can use either “Full name” or “Account name” to log in to your Mac. The ‘Account name’ will be used as the name for your home folder. Enter the name of the Administrator. Supports the use of wildcards.
    Password Enter a password for the user account. Supports the use of wildcards. However, the wildcards would be hidden under asterisk. Click on the eye icon to view.
    Hide account from Login Window and Users & Groups If enabled, the account will be hidden from System Preferences > Users & Groups on your Mac device. Enabling this option will also hide the account name and only display the password prompt on the login window.
  6. Click on Save to save the policy.
  7. Associate the DEP Policy with the macOS device to add the admin user.