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Are there options to configure devices individually and in bulk?

Yes, you can enroll, configure, and manage devices individually and in bulk using Hexnode UEM.

In Hexnode, device onboarding methods like open, authenticated, user, self, Android Enterprise and Apple Configurator enrollment can be used to enroll individual devices.

Meanwhile, out-of-box enrollment techniques like Zero-touch, ROM/OEM, Samsung Knox, and Apple Business/School Manager can be used to enroll devices in bulk. Other bulk enrollment methods include pre-approved enrollment and PPKG enrollment.

Policies used to configure, manage, and restrict mobile devices can be associated with both individual and groups of devices and users. You can also target the policies to user domains (Policies > required policy > Manage > Associate Targets > Device/ User/ Device Group/ User Group/ Domain).

You can also apply remote actions to individual users/devices, groups, and user domains (Manage > Devices/ Users/ Device Groups/ User Groups/ Directory Services > Actions) with Hexnode.

You can group devices in Hexnode via the custom (Manage > Device Groups > New Group) or the dynamic group feature (Manage > Device Groups > New Dynamic Group). Also, the custom user group feature ensures easy manual grouping of users. The IT admins have to manually add the custom group members, whereas the dynamic group members are automatically added based on the selected criteria.

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