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What types of contents can be distributed to devices using Hexnode?

Hexnode offers a secure solution to distribute content efficiently to users throughout the enterprise. The admin can distribute files and content remotely to any designated location on the device. You can even distribute files to devices locked in kiosk mode.

Hexnode supports the management and distribution of files like documents, apps, and videos.

Upload a file in the Hexnode portal (Content > My Files > Add). This file can be distributed to any Android device enrolled in Hexnode (Policies > Android > File Management).

Video (MP4 and MKV file format) and PDF files can be distributed to devices locked in kiosk mode. To do so, upload the file in Hexnode and add the files in the configured single or multi-app Android kiosk policy and associate with target devices. The added files will appear as shortcuts in the kiosk locked screen.

If an app other than Hexnode Document Reader (for PDF) or Hexnode Media Player (for video) is chosen to open the files, the app must be granted storage access permission on the device. It is to be added as a background app (recommended) or in kiosk mode in your kiosk policy.

Hexnode Document Reader and Hexnode Media Player will work only on Android 5.0+ devices, except Amazon Fire OS devices. Hexnode Document reader cannot be used to open PDF files with embedded fonts.

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