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Best MDM for Healthcare

Best MDM for Healthcare

Enterprise Mobility is profoundly transforming healthcare. As BYOD and COPE mature from a less than welcome trend to the new norm, being one of the earliest adopters, Healthcare industry has everything to gain from here. Hexnode MDM for healthcare help organizations leverage mobile devices (apple or android) for improved care delivery, enhanced patient engagement and streamlined clinical work-flows.

Improving care delivery

Mobile devices enable medical records and PHI to be available at the point of care, delivered straight to the doctor or healthcare team members. With connected devices, doctors can research online, collaborate among themselves, review test results and remotely prescribe medications. Real-time analysis of Electronic Health Records, enables clinical team to make better decisions which ultimately improves care delivery and patient outcomes.

Hexnode MDM for healthcare takes care of the hassles of configuring and securing these mobile devices for clinical use, so organizations can focus on what matters most – ensuring seamless care delivery. Zero touch policy and configuration make sure the devices are ready for use in no time. Remote device management capabilities help wipe a stolen or misplaced device, so that sensitive patient data remain safe at all times.

Enhancing Patient Engagement

Mobile Healthcare facilitates patients to connect and maintain close links with healthcare providers on the go. Dedicated apps and portals enable patients to review their medical records, check test results, refill prescriptions and schedule appointments right from their mobile devices. Communities and groups where patients suffering from the same conditions can share information and experiences are also key to engaging patients.

Hexnode MDM for healthcare enables Hospitals and HCPs to easily deploy their apps on patients' devices. App catalogs help categorize and target specific apps to a set of patients. Kiosk mode in Hexnode MDM helps lock an iPad on to a particular app, which can practically turn it into a POS solution or a digital registration form for patient check-ins.

Improve the life of your staff along with the patients

Streamlining clinical work-flows

Mobile devices tremendously simplify the administrative and clinical work-flows in health care organizations. Mundane tasks like patient registration, appointment scheduling and medication reminders can easily be streamlined and automated. Mobility in healthcare helps optimize clinician work-flow for maximum efficiency, as appointments can be dynamically assigned based on staff schedule, workload and patient load.

Hexnode MDM for healthcare incorporates comprehensive device security features for enabling BYOD in healthcare. Group based policy management allows devices to be configured and functionalities selectively enabled for staffs according to the organization structure. App catalogs provide a centralized location for distribution of essential apps to healthcare team members.

Ensuring Compliance and Security

Mobile devices in hospitals and healthcare organizations can potentially receive, store or transmit Protected Health Information (PHI) and thus need to comply with stringent regulations.

Hexnode MDM, delivers real-time visibility and control to monitor, manage and secure mobile devices across the organization. Auto compliance feature consistently tracks compliance and delivers instant notifications for violations. From Passcode Policy Management to Device Configurations and Restrictions, to Network & Email Security to App Management,App Distribution and Remote Device Management Hexnode MDM delivers the ultimate solution for secure use of mobile device devices in Healthcare.

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