How to add web app as Kiosk using MDM

Since there are many web based apps used in work, it is necessary to be able to add them in the kiosk along with store apps and enterprise apps.

Step 1: Add the web app to the App list.

  1. Go to the Admin tab and select App Settings.
  2. In the Apps section click on +Add Apps.
  3. Select Web App from the drop down list.
  4. In the Add Web App window, give the name, URL, app icon and category of the app.
  5. Click Add.

Now the web app is added to the App list.

Step 2: Add the web app to the Android Kiosk Policy.


  1. Go to Policies →New Policy →Kiosk Settings.
  2. Select Multi App Kiosk or Single App Kiosk as per your requirement.
  3. Click Configure and click on the + icon on the mobile screen shown.
  4. Select the web app from the list and click Done.
  5. Go to Policy Targets and select the devices, users or groups.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Save the policy by clicking Save.

And you’re done.

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