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Why is my device marked as non-compliant in Hexnode?

A device will be marked as non- compliant if it does not satisfy the compliance criteria that you have configured under Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings.

You’ll have the following compliance settings to configure.

  • MDM app/profile is removed from the device: If the MDM agent app or profile is removed from the device, its compliance will be lost. You will have to re-enroll the device to restore compliance.
  • Policy is removed from the device: If an associated policy is manually removed from the macOS device, it can be considered non-compliant.
  • Device becomes inactive: Inactive devices are the ones that are not synced with Hexnode for the specified amount of time. The time after which a device is marked inactive can be configured under Admin > Settings > Inactivity Settings. You can set a value between 15 minutes to 31 days. If the device doesn’t respond to the Hexnode console within the specified time limit, it will be marked inactive.
  • Device is not encrypted: An iOS device is considered to be encrypted if a password is set on the device. On newer Android devices, encryption is turned on by default. On older Android devices, you may have to manually enable encryption. On Windows devices, go to Settings to enable device encryption.
  • Device is not password compliant: Devices will be marked as non-compliant if the password on the device does not meet the password policy requirements set by the organization.
  • Device is not application compliant: Device will be marked as non-compliant if the device has any blocklisted apps installed on it or has any mandatory apps missing from it.
  • Device moves out of geofence: Devices will be marked as non-compliant if it moves out of a pre-defined location.
  • Device is jailbroken: An iOS device will be marked as non-compliant if identified as a jailbroken device.

Here are some of the reasons why a device might be inactive:

  • The Hexnode app is uninstalled from the device.
  • The device is not connected to the internet. This disables the device from communicating with the server. If the connection is not reinstated before the configured inactivity period, the device will get marked inactive.
  • The device is switched off for time higher than the set inactivity time.
  • The device is kept idle for a longer period.
  • The device is in Safe Mode. All the third-party apps, including the Hexnode app, will be disabled in safe mode.
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