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What is the importance of kiosk mode for enterprises?

Kiosk mode allows the enterprise to lock down their devices into apps required for their business. Locking down the devices prevents the user from accessing any content other than the apps and websites allowlisted by the organization. Kiosk mode allows enterprises to lock down the device to a single app or multiple applications.

Single app kiosk restricts the device to a single application. This feature enables the enterprise to transform the device to be used for a dedicated purpose. In Multi-App mode, the organization can allow a set of applications to be accessed in the kiosk mode.

Hexnode Kiosk offers many configurations to enhance the kiosk experience. Configurations include digital signage, screensaver, adding PDF / video shortcuts, lock task mode, and kiosk website settings. Digital Signage helps the user to stream image/video files on the devices to showcase the product line or range of services they offer. Kiosk website settings provide in-depth configurations on website settings in kiosk mode.

Benefits of kiosk mode to enterprise

  • Provide security to devices and data
  • Restrict the use of corporate devices for enterprise use thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency
  • Can be customized to specific enterprise needs
  • Reduce time and cost of support
  • Prevent mobile data usage on unnecessary apps thereby reducing the telecom expenses
  • Enables the entire product line or services to be presented attractively on a single kiosk
  • Enhances user experience
  • Efficient asset management
  • Manages field employees efficiently & conveniently from a single location
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