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Hexnode UEM System Requirements

Hexnode’s Unified Endpoint Management solution can manage all devices that meet the minimum system requirement for mobile device management. However, we suggest all the devices meet the recommended system requirements to ensure the smooth functioning of devices.

The features provided by Hexnode will be the best optimized on those devices that meet the recommended system requirements.

The platform-wise system requirements are given in the following tables:

Apple devices

iOS iPadOS macOS tvOS
Recommended iOS 13.0 and above iPadOS 13.0 and above macOS 10.15 and above tvOS 13.0 and above
Minimum iOS 11.0 and above iPadOS 4.0 and above macOS 10.7 and above tvOS 6.0 and above

Android devices

Android OS Fire OS Android TV OS
Recommended Android 10 and above Fire OS 6 and above Android 10 and above
Minimum Android 5.0 and above Fire OS 5.0 and above Android 5.0 and above

Windows devices

Windows Desktop
Recommended Windows 10 v1803 and above
Minimum Windows 10 v1703 and above

Supported Browsers

We recommended that you access the Hexnode UEM portal using the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 20 and above versions.
  • Apple Safari 5 and above versions.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 and above versions.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above.

You can access the Hexnode portal from other web browsers and older versions of the browsers mentioned above, but portal optimization will not be at its best. It will be ideal if you can access the portal from updated browsers.

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