How to lock iOS devices to one website using kiosk mode

In iOS, specific web pages can be provisioned in the single app mode. Here, the Safari browser is the kiosk app only the whitelisted websites will be made accessible through the browser. A single website or multiple websites can be whitelisted as per requirement. The whitelisted websites will appear as bookmarks in the browser.

Only the websites which are added as webapps in the Hexnode app inventory can be whitelisted in the single app mode.

To add a web app in the app inventory:

  • Go to Apps tab.
  • Click on +Add Apps and select Web App.
  • Give the name, URL of the website, app icon and category of the web app and click Add.

Create website whitelist


  1. Open Policy tab →New Policy →Kiosk Settings.
  2. Select Web App Kiosk under iOS Kiosk Mode and click Configure.
  3. Click on the + button and select the web apps from the list.
  4. Click Done and Save the Policy.
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