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EMM for Military Services

Maximize security and management capabilities

The complete EMM for military services The complete EMM for military services

The complete EMM for military services

Hexnode enables military services to completely manage and control a growing mobile workforce with relative ease. Support a highly mobile workforce with Hexnode’s EMM for military services that unlocks a higher degree of device and data protection which does not sacrifice productivity. Manage both corporate and BYOD devices, that are not limited to a specific platform or model, for optimizing military operations.

Mobile device management for military services

Sensitive data protection

Any data within a device that is involved in a military environment is classified and highly sensitive. These devices can be enforced with data encryptions and authentication policies that ensure protection from data breaches.

Rugged device management

Hexnode can manage a range of semi-rugged to ultra-rugged devices that can easily function in extreme physical conditions that are common during field operations. Hexnode preps these devices from the inside for maximum durability.

MDM for military

Advanced location tracking

Managed devices can be forced to turn on GPS and fetch location to always keep track of where the device and the user is located. Periodic scans ensure continues tracking and location reports ensure proper monitoring and documentation of location history.

Total device lock-down

Devices can be run on kiosk mode, which locks down the device to a custom screen with limited applications and functionalities. While on duty, the kiosk mode assists the users to get their intended work done with minimal obstructions or distractions.

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Mobility management in military

Monitor and manage

Ensure the device always functions at optimal conditions by monitoring device/app data usage. Notifications can be sent to the user and the admin when the device crosses threshold data usage. Data hogging applications can be identified and removed silently.

Secure communication

One-way messages can be sent from the admin to the user using Hexnode messenger which works even in kiosk mode. Government applications can also be sent to the device with zero user intervention.

Endpoint management in military

Bulk enrollment

Seamlessly enroll any number of devices with Hexnode’s highly scalable enrollment options. Devices can also be enrolled silently, which enable the user to make use of a fully functionable managed device from the very first boot.

Completely compliant

With Hexnode, deployment of DISA STIG compliant devices, like LG GATE and Samsung Knox, are a breeze.