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How to customize Home Screen Layout for iOS devices

Normally the apps, as they install, get randomly arranged on the home screen. Hexnode lets you configure the Home Screen Layout and customize exactly how the apps are arranged on-screen.


Home Screen Layout can be customized only for supervised iOS devices.


This feature is available only on Ultimate and Ultra subscription plans.

To customize Home Screen Layout for iOS devices

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. Select an existing policy or create a new one by clicking on New Policy.
  3. From iOS Settings select Home Screen Layout and click on Configure.
    • You can add either Apps, App groups or Web Clips to the home screen layout.
    • You can also add either Apps, App groups or Web Clips to the dock.
    • It is also possible to increment the layout page by clicking on the + button present below the layout screen. If not required, it can be removed by clicking on button present below the layout screen.
  4. After configuring, associate the policy to the devices.

You can associate the policy to the devices by two methods.

If the policy has not yet been saved.

  1. Navigate to Policy Targets.
  2. Click on +Add Devices.
  3. Select the devices and click OK.
  4. Click on Save to apply the policies to devices.

Apart from devices, you can also associate the policies to device groups, user and user groups from Policy Targets.

If the policy has been saved, you can associate it by another method.

  1. From Policies, check the policies to be associated.
  2. Click on Manage → Associate Targets and select the devices.
  3. Click on Associate to apply policy to the devices.


    • It is not possible to uninstall any applications from the device until the Home Screen Layout policy is removed. However, it is possible for the admin to uninstall the apps using Hexnode MDM.
    • The Apps installed on the device that are not included in the layout will be displayed in alphabetical order.
    • If the same app has been added twice, one inside the folder and other outside the folder, then the apps can reside either inside or outside the folder.
    • A total of six apps can be added to the dock in iPad. However, the fifth and sixth app on the dock will be hidden in the iPhone.


In iPad along with the apps added to the dock, recently accessed apps will also be shown.

For an iPhone, the customized home screen layout looks like this.

configure home screen layout for iOS devices using Hexnode MDM