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How can I get started with device management in Hexnode UEM?

Hexnode UEM can easily manage all your endpoint devices from a single console. To get started with Hexnode, you should first sign up for a free trial.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, you can start enrolling your devices with Hexnode UEM. Enrollment is the process of registering your devices with the UEM console, which helps manage your devices. Hexnode provides you with a wide variety of enrollment methods, which can be chosen based on your requirements. It ranges from no-touch enrollment methods to minimal intervention enrollment methods.

You can also deploy applications in bulk, lockdown your devices to limited applications of your choice, remotely view and control devices, transfer files, locate your devices, manage devices remotely via various remote actions, track the network data usage, create custom/dynamic groups, and enforce other restrictions via policies.

Lastly, you can monitor various activities on your portal via Hexnode’s reports and analytics. Reports on devices, users, groups, applications, locations, network data usage, etc., can be exported in CSV/PDF format and saved for future reference. Apart from that, Hexnode also provides live monitoring and analysis of data from the dashboard.

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