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Hexnode Security and User Management – FAQs

Security Management

1. What are the benefits of managing a BYOD device?

Hexnode MDM’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management allows employees to use their personal devices for work. This is made possible with containerization. Corporate and personal apps and data can be placed in separate containers thus eliminating data leakage risks. The key features include remote wipe and data leakage protection. In case the device is lost/stolen, the corporate data stored on the device can be easily wiped via the MDM console leaving the personal data intact.

2. Explain the terms complete wipe and corporate wipe?

Complete wipe deletes all the data from the device- corporate and personal. A complete wipe also resets the device to factory settings. On the other hand, corporate wipe deletes or removes only the corporate data leaving the personal content unharmed.

3. How can we protect corporate data on the mobile devices?

Enterprises keep generating more and more data every day and securing it in the employee-owned devices, is a matter of concern. Integrating the organization with a unified endpoint management solution is one way out.

A UEM solution is MDM + EMM + unique management capabilities. Following are the major functionalities provided by Hexnode MDM for protecting the corporate data.

  • Device management
  • Separation of personal and enterprise data through containerization
  • App management
  • Content management
  • Identity and access management
  • Expense management
  • Restricted data sharing
  • Password enforcement
  • Device location and tracking

Corporate data on mobile devices can be protected by applying various restrictive policies on different mobile platforms through the Hexnode management console.

Restrictions within the portal like iCloud settings for backing up information, syncing documents to Google accounts can be disabled. The options to transfer files via Bluetooth or USB, to copy contents between normal and work profile, the screen capture and more can be disabled for improved security through the portal.

User Management

1. How can you add technicians in Hexnode to manage devices?

Hexnode allows the admin to add users (technicians) to manages devices. Go to Admin > Technicians and Roles and click Add Technician on the top left. The user who signs up for the portal is the Super Admin. There are three other technician roles- Admin, Reports Manager, and Apps and Reports Manager. The number of technician roles that can be configured varies with the pricing plan.