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Hexnode security management – General FAQs

1. What are the benefits of managing a BYOD device?

Hexnode UEM’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management allows employees to use their personal devices for work. This is made possible with containerization. Corporate and personal apps and data can be placed in separate containers thus eliminating data leakage risks. The key features include remote wipe and data leakage protection. In case the device is lost/stolen, the corporate data stored on the device can be easily wiped via the MDM console leaving the personal data intact.

2. Explain the terms complete wipe and corporate wipe?

Complete wipe deletes all the data from the device, both corporate and personal. A complete wipe also resets the device to factory settings. On the other hand, corporate wipe deletes or removes only the corporate data leaving the personal content unharmed.

3. Is it possible to restrict OS updates on a managed iOS device using an MDM?

You can delay the OS updates on a supervised device running iOS 11.3 or later for up to 90 days. The default delay is 30 days. But after 90 days, the device will prompt users to download and install the latest version of the available software updates.

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