Restrictions for Windows Devices

Windows devices can be stripped from many features remotely with the help of Hexnode MDM. The set of restrictions available for Windows mobile devices are as follows:

Device functionality

  1. Allow use of camera: Un-checking this option will prevent users from opening the camera in the device.
  2. Allow copy paste: If you do not want to allow your users to copy and paste text, deselect this
  3. Require device encryption: Turns on device encryption, and requires a password to transfer data to other sources.
  4. Allow internet sharing: When enabled, the users can share the internet to other devices as a WiFi hotspot.
  5. Allow NFC: Allow Near Field Communication to transfer data between devices.
  6. Allow Cortana: Allow the users to use Cortana.
  7. Allow Wi-Fi: Allow the device to connect to Wi-Fi. Disallowing this option will prevent the device from connecting to Wi-Fi.
  8. Allow USB connection: Allow access to the device from other devices via USB.
  9. Allow storage card: Disables SD card in the device if this feature is turned off.
  10. Allow voice recording: You can disable voice recording on the device when this option is
  11. Allow auto connect to Wi-Fi sense: Allow Windows Wi-Fi sense to connect to a previously saved Wi-Fi network automatically.
  12. Allow manual Wi-Fi configuration: Allows connecting to WiFi networks other than those which are configured by the MDM server.
  13. Allow VPN over cellular: Selecting this option will enable the device to connect to VPN over cellular network
  14. Allow VPN roaming over cellular: Deselecting this option will prevent you from connecting to VPN when your device roams over the cellular network.
  15. Allow cellular data roaming: When disabled, users cannot access the internet with mobile data when roaming.
  16. Allow user to reset phone: Select this option to allow users to reset their device.
  17. Allow screen capture: Allow taking screenshots.
  18. Allow telemetry: Enable or disable sending telemetry information.
  19. Allow Bluetooth: Allow users to transfer data over Bluetooth.
  20. Allow location: Turns on location services in the device.

Application Restrictions

  1. Allow use store: Let users use Windows Store and install or update applications.
  2. Allow Microsoft Account connection: Allow users to link the device to a Microsoft account to sync contacts, settings, calendar and wallpaper between devices.
  3. Allow sync my settings: Allow a user to sync settings between devices.
  4. Allow developer unlock: Uncheck this option to block a user from turning on developer mode. Developer mode allows app installations from sources other than Windows Store.
  5. Allow manual root certificate installation: Allow users to manually install root certificates.
  6. Safe search permission: Supported in Windows 10, filters off adult contents when turned on.
  7. Allow sharing office files: Specifies whether the user is allowed to share office files from Office Hub.
  8. Allow search to use location: Allowing will let search use the location and return location-based results.
  9. Allow storing image from Vision Search: If checked, the images captured while performing Bing Vision search will be stored in the device.
  10. Allow Adding Non Microsoft Accounts Manually: Enabling this will allow user to add non Microsoft accounts in the device.
  11. Allow Save As office files: Allows user to save files in the device as office files with Office
  12. Allow Action Center notifications: Allowing will let the device to show notifications in Action Center.
  13. Allow browser: Allow or disallow browsing from IE / Edge.
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