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Hexnode Connect – FAQs

1. What is Hexnode Connect?

Hexnode Connect is a platform where users can post queries regarding Hexnode UEM, participate in discussions with fellow tech enthusiasts, and raise requests for features they’d like to include in Hexnode UEM. New feature releases and upcoming features are also routinely put out on Hexnode Connect.

2. How to create an account in Hexnode Connect?

Go to the Hexnode Connect sign-up page and enter the necessary information. The following fields are mandatory:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Name
  • Nickname

Once the fields have been filled, click Create Account. A confirmation email will be sent to the specified email ID. Open the mail and click on the attached link for verification. You will then be redirected to the home page of Hexnode Connect.

3. As a registered user of Hexnode Connect, how much of my information is disclosed to other users?

Only your username is available to other users, along with how long ago you were last active on Hexnode Connect.

4. Who can create new discussions?

Any user that has created an account and logged in to Hexnode Connect can post a new discussion and reply to existing ones.

5. How to create a new discussion?

Once logged in to Hexnode Connect, click on START A DISCUSSION on the header to begin a new conversation/thread.

6. How to subscribe/unsubscribe to get email notifications of threads?

When starting a new discussion, mark the Notify me of follow-up replies via email checkbox to get an email whenever another user posts a reply to your discussion. To subscribe to another user’s post, navigate to the post and click ‘Subscribe’. Similarly, to unsubscribe from a post, navigate to the post and click ‘Unsubscribe’.

7. How to participate in a discussion?

Click on the desired discussion, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the text box. Enter your response and click Add comment.

8. Can Hexnode Connect be accessed from mobile devices?

Yes, Hexnode Connect is available on mobile devices as well.

9. Are the discussions and replies moderated?

Yes, the discussions and each of their replies are approved by moderators before they are posted for the public to view.

10. Who are moderators?

Moderators are representatives of Hexnode UEM. They’re the ones who respond to the users’ queries on behalf of Hexnode UEM. You can identify a moderator’s response by the Hexnode tag next to their usernames.

11. How to identify the correct answer in a discussion?

The author of the question can mark any of the replies to their post as the solution. Once marked, that reply will be highlighted and tagged as the solution.

12. How can a post’s author mark a reply on their post as the solution?

Navigate to the reply and click on its corresponding Actions drop-down. Select the Mark as Solution option to mark the reply as the solution.

13. What are tags and categories in Hexnode Connect?

Tags are topics related to your discussion that can help other users search for and identify the posts they are looking for. There are a set of pre-defined labels that you can associate your post with. This makes searching for posts easier. Simply clicking on a tag displayed under the Popular Tags heading on the home page of Hexnode Connect, or searching for a tag will list all the posts associated with it.

Categories are a broader classification of posts. All the posts in Hexnode Connect are part of any one of the preset categories as users are required to select a category while posting a discussion.
The different categories are listed on the home page of Hexnode Connect. Clicking on the View All option corresponding to each category will lead to a consolidated list of all the posts under that category.

14. Can registered users create new tags or categories?

No, registered users cannot create new tags or categories.

15. How can registered users view the posts/replies that they’ve interacted with?

Click on My Profile from the header to view all the discussions you’ve started and the replies you’ve posted.

16. Can registered users remove a post/reply from their activities?

Yes. Click on My Profile from the header, navigate to the post/reply you want to remove from your activities, and click Delete.

Please note that this action will only prevent the post/reply from being listed as part of your activity, it will not delete the actual post/reply.

17. What is a favorite?

Favorite is a feature of Hexnode Connect, wherein if you find any post/reply interesting or think it could be useful in the future, you can save it for later by adding it as a favorite.

18. How to add a post/reply as a favorite?

To add a user’s post/reply as a favorite, click on their username and navigate to their profile where all of their posts and replies will be listed. Click Add to Favorite corresponding to the post/reply you want to add as a favorite.

19. How can registered users view the posts/replies they’ve added as favorites?

Click on My Profile from the header and navigate to favorites from the left side panel to view all the posts/replies you’ve added as favorites.

20. How can registered users edit their profile?

Click on My Profile from the header and navigate to Manage Profile from the left side panel to edit your profile.

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