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How to scan for Windows updates on devices from Hexnode?

Maintaining the security and performance of Windows devices is essential for any organization. Regularly installing the latest patches and updates is one of the most effective ways to achieve this.

With the ‘Scan for updates’ action introduced by Hexnode UEM, IT administrators can quickly scan for Windows updates across the devices from a centralized console and identify any available updates, along with their type, download size, installation size, and status. It allows IT administrators to prioritize the deployment of updates based on these attributes, ensuring the security and stability of the devices.


This action is only available on the Ultra pricing plan.

Scan for updates

To initiate a scan for updates on Windows devices:

  1. Login to your Hexnode UEM portal.
  2. Navigate to Manage > Devices.
  3. Select the desired Windows device.
  4. Navigate to Actions > Scan for updates.
  5. Click on the Patches and Updates sub-tab.

This will scan all the updates available for the Windows devices and list them under the Patches and Updates sub-tab, along with the details regarding each update. The last scanned date and time are updated every time the Scan for updates action is executed.

The updates will be shown in the Patches and Updates sub-tab after you scan for Windows updates

The table below outlines all the attributes of the updates displayed in the Patches and Updates sub-tab.

Attribute Description
Name The name of the available update for the device.
Type The category of the update, such as OS updates or app updates.
Download Size The size of the update file that needs to be downloaded.
Installation Size The amount of storage space required to install the update.
Status This indicates the current status of the update. It can be: Installed, Installable, Failed, Approved, or Reboot Pending.

If the Scan for updates action is not successful even once, the Patches and Updates sub-tab will display a message indicating that no updates are available, along with the current Windows OS version and the date and time of the last successful scan.

When the scan for Windows updates fails to execute successfully, no updates will be displayed in the Patches and Updates sub-tab

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