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How to Add Web Clips to iOS?

A Web Clip looks like any iOS app, with a name and icon. On opening a web clip, it will take you to a website. To make it clearer for you, let us start with an example. While trying to add a web clip profile, you entered the label as “Hexnode MDM”, provided the URL and selected an icon of your choice. Then, an ‘app’ named “Hexnode MDM” will be displayed (with the icon you chose) along with other app icons on the home screen of the end-users device, this will take you to when opened.

How Web Clip differs from a Web App?

The main difference between an iOS web app and a web clip in Hexnode is that the web apps can be seen as bookmarks in Safari, whereas a web clip is displayed as one among other iOS apps.

Web clip and app on an iOS device screen
A web clip “Wikipedia” to the end of the app list

Upload web clip in Hexnode

To set up a web clip using Hexnode MDM configuration policy,

  1. Navigate to the Apps tab in your Hexnode Portal.
  2. Select +Add Apps > Web app.
  3. Input Name to be displayed, URL of the page, the Icon to be displayed on the iOS device, and select a Category to which the Web Clip belongs.
  4. Click Done.


  • Web Clips are available in the Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Ultra editions of Hexnode.
  • On iOS devices running 11.3 and later, Web clips can be added to the dock while customizing the Home Screen Layout.

Add configured web clip to iOS devices

Wondering how to add the web clip configuration profile to a device or a group? Here’s how.

  1. Navigate to Policies Tab in your Hexnode Portal.
  2. Edit an existing Policy or create a new policy.
  3. Select iOS > App Management > Web Clips > Configure > +Add Webclip.
  4. Select the Web app that was previously added to Hexnode and click Done.
    Further, you can customize the Web clip settings on the device by configuring the following options:
    • Precomposed icon: Enable this option to prevent the device from adding a shine to the Web app icon.
    • Removable: This option is enabled by default. Uncheck this option to make the Web clip app icon non-removable from the device. To remove the Web clip from the device, disassociate the policy settings from it.
    • Full Screen: If this option is checked, the URL of the web clip is opened as a web app with no search bars, URLs, or bookmarks.
  5. Select Policy Targets > +Add Devices and choose the device.
  6. Click Save.

Web Clip App will be added to the target devices.

As the Web clip gets added to the Apple devices, it shows up with the Web clip icon configured while uploading it to the Hexnode portal. However, with specific URLs, once the Web clip is launched, the icon on Web clip might get replaced with the website icon. This can be avoided by configuring the full screen for the Web clip in the associated policy. Select the policy and check the ‘Full Screen’ option against the chosen web clip.

add web clip configuration on an iOS device