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Sorting and managing mobility as a whole

Enterprise level management with Hexnode UEM Enterprise level management with Hexnode UEM

Enterprise level management with Hexnode UEM

Mobile Device Management is an unavoidable prospect in big enterprises, especially corporates. With thousands of mobile devices deployed to the employees all over the world, corporate data will be prone to constant security threats and attacks. Hexnode UEM helps corporates to enroll, monitor and manage devices belonging to different platforms and models with the essential care that is required.


Scalable MDM

From small businesses to corporates spanning across the world, Hexnode UEM helps manage the devices from its centralized console. By the method of creating dynamic groups, the management process can be automated once enrolled.

Work and BYOD management

Work and BYOD devices must be handled equally in a corporate environment. Hexnode provides containerization options to separate work and personal data in the devices with Android Enterprise Recommended and iOS’s Managed Open In feature.

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Directory integration

For importing the user data which may exceed several thousand, Hexnode offers Directory services integration such as Active Directory and Azure AD. This makes the enrollment process swift and device configuration efficient.

Zero-Touch Enrollment

Hexnode supports Android Zero-Touch Enrollment so that devices can be set up and be ready to work right out of the box. Automated enrollment of devices in Hexnode UEM can be achieved through Zero-touch enrollment which makes the IT team involvement next to none.

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Corporate level profile deployment

Any settings such as network settings, app settings, kiosk settings, etc. can be configured in a policy and then associated to device groups. Policies when applied to a dynamic group, will get associated automatically to the devices immediately after enrollment.

Android Enterprise Recommended

Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended (Android for Work) provides Hexnode the advanced management functionality over all the Android devices. It enables containerization of work apps from personal apps in mobile devices. Hexnode also supports enrollment in Android Enterprise Recommended with G Suite.

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Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is a web portal for managing Apple devices deployed in a business environment. It enables mass deployment of devices to the employees with MDM enrolled in it along with volume app purchase and distribution.

Remote control for technical support

The IT team can remotely access the Android mobile phones for real-time support. Hexnode enables remote control over the device from its web console. This eliminates the physical requirement of a support team in every branch office of a corporation.

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