How to Configure Exchange ActiveSync on iOS with Hexnode MDM?

Exchange ActiveSync provide secure access and storage for your email and attachments. To configure ActiveSync,

  1. Go to Policies.
  2. Select an existing policy or add a new one.
  3. Click on iOS Settings.
  4. Select ActiveSync from Network.

Note: ActiveSync cannot be configured if you are on the Express plan.

ActiveSync Settings Description
Account name A name used to identify an ActiveSync account.
Exchange ActiveSync server name Provide the name of ActiveSync server.
Allow move Allow users to move messages between email accounts in their devices. This option is disabled by default.
Allow recent address syncing This option saves the recently-used email addresses to their iCloud account. Recent address syncing is disabled by default
Use only in mail Users are allowed to send and read emails only from the Mail app. Disabled by default.
Use SSL Enable SSL to establish an encrypted connection between the device and the server. By default, SSL is used.
Use S/MIME S/MIME can be used for encrypting your emails. S/MIME is an encryption method based on asymmetric cryptography. Disabled by default.
Signing certificate
(Available only if use of S/MIME is enabled)
Select the signing certificate from the list of available certificates. To add a new certificate, go to Policiesselect an existing policy or create a new oneiOS SettingsCertificates.
Encryption certificate
(Available only if use of S/MIME is enabled)
Add a new encryption certificate at Policiesselect an existing policy or create a new oneiOS SettingsCertificates, and it’ll be displayed here.
Domain Specify the domain name of the Exchange server. Specifying %domain% will fetch the domain name from the Active Directory (AD). By default, Hexnode MDM will fetch the domain name from the AD.
User The ActiveSync username. Use %username% to fetch the username automatically from the AD. Hexnode MDM will fetch the username automatically by default.
Email address Email address of the user. Use %email% to fetch the email address from the AD. %email% is used by default.
Password The password associated with the ActiveSync username.
Past days of mail to sync The number of days of email to be downloaded on the device. You can choose from the six available options – Unlimited, One day, Three days (default value), One week, Two weeks, One month. For example, if you choose Three days, then the emails you sent/received in the past three days will be downloaded to the device from the mail server.
Identity certificate Identity certificates which are uploaded at Policiesselect an existing policy or create a new oneiOS SettingsCertificates are displayed here.

Associate ActiveSync Configuration with iOS Devices or Groups

Wondering how to associate an ActiveSync configuration with a user/device or a group? Here’s how.

  1. Before saving the policy, head on to Policy Targets.
  2. Select Devices, Device Groups, Users or User Groups from the left pane beneath.
  3. You can search for and add devices/users/groups from there and save the policy.

If you have the policy saved already,

  1. Check a policy from the policies list.
  2. Select Associate Targets from Manage.
  3. Select the devices to associate the policy.
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