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Is Hexnode GDPR compliant?

Yes! Hexnode is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant endpoint management solution. GDPR regulates how businesses and individuals can gather, store, transfer, use, and remove personal data.

Hexnode UEM helps you protect all your devices and stay compliant with GDPR by providing enterprise-grade data security features such as:

  • Password protection: With Hexnode UEM, you can enforce password rules on devices with the required complexity and history requirements for security.
  • Data encryption: Prevent potential leakage of confidential information by enforcing data encryption.
  • Network security: Network settings can be remotely configured or safely removed when no longer needed. This enables organizations to remotely set up network configurations on the user’s devices without sharing passwords.
  • Email security: Configure email over the air on your end-user devices, restricting the corporate account modifications at the device end.
  • Application security: Blocklist apps that pose distractions to users or limit the users’ access to only the organization-approved apps using the Blocklist/Allowlist policy.
  • Containerization: Keep all work data separate from users’ personal data by deploying a secure container. Also, you can selectively wipe corporate data leaving the personal data untouched.
  • Lost mode: Invoke immediate security lockdown if a device is missing or stolen.
  • Wipe device: Prevent confidential data from getting into the wrong hands by using remote wipe action to erase the device.
  • Geofencing: Apply configurations and restrictions to devices within a defined geographical region by enabling location-based policies. The applied configurations and restrictions will be removed automatically when the devices move out of these safe zones.
  • Compliance engine: Whenever the device fails to meet specific compliance criteria, Hexnode alerts you and your end-users (if configured) and continually monitors your devices.

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