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How to pass device and user information using the wildcards supported by Hexnode MDM?

Hexnode MDM supports wildcards containing information about each device and user to which you are assigning the management policies. You can use these variables for the commonly used device and user fields instead of entering them manually. This lets you create policies that can be pushed to a bulk of devices. When the policy/action is sent to a device/user, these variables will be automatically populated with the corresponding data retrieved from the details that have been provided during device enrollment.

Wildcards supported by Hexnode MDM

The below table lists the wild cards supported by Hexnode MDM:

Wildcard Substitution
%devicename% or %DEVICENAME% Name of the device as shown in the portal.
%imei% or %IMEI% The International Mobile Equipment Identity assigned to the device. This number uniquely identifies the mobile device.
%serialnumber% or %SERIAL% This variable is used to display the serial number of the device.
%name% or %username% Name of the device user as displayed in the portal.
%email% The email address associated with a particular user.
%deviceid% or %DEVICEID% A number assigned to each device in the order in which they had been enrolled.
%domain% AD (Azure AD) domain name associated with the user.
%netbiosname% NetBIOS name of the Active Directory domain.
%MAC% The Media Access Control address that uniquely identifies the network interface on the device.

Where are these wildcards used?

  • All the above-mentioned message variables except %MAC% can be included in the messages broadcasted to iOS and Android devices.
  • Wildcards like %username%, %email%, %domain% are used to fill in certain configuration fields in the WiFi, Email, Exchange ActiveSync, VPN Policies for iOS, Android and macOS devices.
  • %email% can be used to fill in the email address field in iOS Google Accounts policy.
  • CalDAV policy for macOS supports %username% to fill in the Account User Name.
  • While adding web apps to be opened with Hexnode Browser Lite to the app inventory, the following device information can be passed: %DEVICEID%, %SERIAL%, %DEVICENAME%, %IMEI%, %MAC%.

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