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Blocked Package error for Android devices locked in kiosk mode

  1. The blocked package error message could occur if you have not allowlisted the application. The error message generated could be of the form:
    Blocked package:

    Blocked package error

    If you can’t read the blocked package error message, it can be viewed from the Hexnode portal.

    • Go to Manage.
    • Select the device, this will take you to the device summary page.
    • Under the Applications subtab, you can view the blocked package details corresponding to each app installed on your device.
  2. To access the application, you need to add the blocked package to the background app.
    Here is how you can do it!
    • Navigate to Apps > +Add Apps > With Bundle ID.
    • Provide a random app name and select a category.
    • Under Bundle ID, provide the blocked package name.
      • Search for the app package from Manage > Select the device > Applications subtab and provide it under Bundle ID.
      • If you can’t find the blocked package, then you may go forward with the following step. For instance, if the generated error message is Blocked package:, bundle ID will be:
    • Click on Add.
  3. Once the package is added to the app, you need to add this app as background app.
    • Select your Kiosk policy.
    • Choose Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown > Background Apps.
    • Add the blocked package app here and save the policy.
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