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How to periodically sync Android devices with Hexnode MDM?

Hexnode MDM allows users to sync their devices with the Hexnode server periodically. A sync device action forces a device to check-in with the MDM server. When a device checks in with the MDM server, all the pending actions and policies associated will get synchronized with the MDM app present in the device. Frequently synchronizing the device with the MDM console helps to reduce the waiting time for the policy and action association.

With Hexnode MDM, you can automatically sync your device with the MDM server, and you can manually initiate a sync action from the device.

Sync Device Automatically


Supported only on Android devices.

To automatically sync your Android device,
  1. Login to your Hexnode MDM console.
  2. Go to Admin > General Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Periodic Sync (Android).
  4. Set the Periodic sync behavior as either as Background service or Foreground service.
  5. Click on Save.

Background service

If you run the periodic sync with Android devices as a background service, the devices may not sync with the Hexnode servers if the battery saver or data saver mode is enabled. Thus, disrupting the association of actions and policies on the device.

Background service is enabled by default.

Foreground service

Running the periodic sync as a foreground service resolves disruptions in the policy and action association. It ensures the synchronization of Android devices with Hexnode servers at all times, even if the battery saver and data saver modes being enabled on the device. But this does come with higher battery consumption and a non-dismissible notification on the device.


If you run periodic sync as a background service, some devices may not respond to the Hexnode server if kept idle for too long. This prevents actions and policies from reaching the device. The admin can eliminate this by switching the sync to foreground service. But this might require manually rebooting the device since the device does not respond to the Hexnode server.

Sync devices Manually


  • Supported on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.
  • On Windows devices, the sync button is available on the Hexnode Notifications app installed on the device.

Users can manually initiate a sync action from the Hexnode MDM/Hexnode For Work app installed on the devices by clicking on the sync button. This would send all the device and network-related information to the Hexnode portal.
Device sync in Hexnode MDM