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How to deploy Apple VPP apps with Hexnode MDM

Apple introduced the Volume Purchase Program in order to enable the enterprises to find, purchase and distribute apps and books in bulk. The apps may be store apps or enterprise apps. VPP enables the management of all the purchased and distributed apps by importing all the information from the app. You can also distribute custom B2B apps to your customers using Apple VPP.

First, the organization needs to enroll in VPP which is a part of Apple’s Deployment Programs. Go to Apple’s deployment page and click on Enroll now. For more information on how to fill in the details, refer Apple document on VPP.

Once enrolled, you can configure the VPP settings in Hexnode MDM.

Step 1: Download VPP token

  1. Go to Vpp login page.
  2. Login with your VPP account credentials.
  3. Go to Account summary
  4. account summary

  5. Download the token and save it. It is of .vpptoken type.

vpp token

Step 2: Configuring VPP settings

To configure VPP settings in Hexnode MDM:

  1. Select Apple VPP from the Admin tab.
  2. For further set up you need to integrate the VPP token with the MDM. Click on +Add VPP Token.
  3. upload token

  4. Enter the credentials and upload the VPP token file that you have downloaded earlier and click Save.

Hexnode MDM is now integrated with your Apple VPP account.

Step 3: Inviting users to VPP

You need to invite users to the VPP program for them to participate in it unless the device is running on iOS version 9 or above. For devices with version 9 or above, apps can be assigned to devices directly without any invitation. For devices with iOS version below 9,

  1. Go to Management tab and click on Users.
  2. Select the users you want to invite to the program and select Send VPP Invitation from Manage.

invite users

The users will get a VPP join request as mail. The users will then have to access the URL in the mail from their device and accept the invitation. Only after that will the enterprise can push the purchased apps to these users/devices.

Step 4: Managing the accounts

In the VPP settings page you can see all the accounts that are added to the Hexnode MDM server.
Syncing an account will fetch all the updated information about total assets and users managed under this account. There is option to delete an account under the Manage button.


To view all the apps purchased from VPP, go to Apps tab. You can filter the apps by selecting the License type as VPP and all the VPP apps will be listed.

vpp apps

Here you can see the total number of licenses purchased for each app and the number of licenses used. Click on the license type of any app to see all the details about that app.

app details

You can also retire the app license here. Select the user you want to withdraw the license from and click Retire License. This license can be reassigned to any other device later.


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