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LDAP settings for iOS

LDAP is a protocol that is used to access Active Directory components like name and email address of a user. LDAP also stores the user information and credentials in the Active Directory. This section shows you how to set up LDAP in your Organization.


This set of policies is accessible on Pro or higher plans.

To configure LDAP from the Hexnode MDM console,

  1. From Policies, select an existing policy or add a new one by clicking on the New Policy button.
  2. Go to iOS Settings.
  3. Select LDAP from Network.

Have a look at the available options:

  • Account description: Describe your LDAP account. Can be a name or a short description. This is provided just for reference to the LDAP account.
  • Account username: Username of the LDAP account.
  • Account password: Provide the password associated with the username of the LDAP account to get authenticated.
  • Account hostname: Enter the IP address or name of the LDAP host.
  • Use SSL: SSL is used if an encrypted connection is needed between the device and the LDAP server. By default, SSL is used.

How to Associate LDAP Configuration to the Devices/Groups?

To associate LDAP configuration to a device,

  1. From Policy Targets tab, click on + Add Devices.
  2. Search and select all devices to which the configuration needs to the applied.

You can associate the configuration with device groups, users or user groups from Policy Targets.

To associate the policy from the page listing the policies,

  1. Check the policies that are needed to be associated with a device.
  2. From Manage, select Associate Targets.
  3. Select the devices.

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