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Deploy CrowdStrike Falcon on Windows devices using Hexnode

CrowdStrike Falcon is a cloud-based endpoint security solution designed to proactively prevent attacks on devices. It employs Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) capabilities and cyber threat intelligence to constantly monitor the endpoints. It records data associated with the device, including the users logging in and the programs being run, looking out for malicious activity. CrowdStrike Falcon uses this information to identify and protect the device from potential attacks. In this document, we will look at how the CrowdStrike Falcon Sensor can be seamlessly deployed to Windows devices managed by Hexnode UEM.

How to deploy CrowdStrike Falcon?

  1. Download the latest sensor installer from the CrowdStrike Falcon portal.
    1. Login to your CrowdStrike Falcon portal.
    2. Click on the hamburger icon on the right top corner of the page and navigate to
      Host setup and management > Deploy > Sensor downloads.

      Navigate to Sensor downloads page in CrowdStrike portal

    3. Click on the Download button corresponding to Windows’ sensor installer.
    4. Copy the Customer ID checksum to your clipboard.
      Download CrowdStrike Falcon sensor and copy customer ID
    5. Generate a download URL for the downloaded file by uploading it to a cloud storage platform file sharing service.
  2. Execute the script to deploy the sensor installer to the devices.
    1. Login to the Hexnode UEM portal.
    2. Go to the Manage tab and select the required devices.
    3. Click on the Actions drop-down and select the Execute Custom Script option.
    4. Click Choose File to upload the PowerShell script given below:

      Assign the generated download URL to the variable $download_url and the customer ID checksum copied from the CrowdStrike console to the variable $CID. Determine a location on the device for the installer and assign it to the variable $filepath.

    5. Click Execute.
  3. Navigate to the Action History tab of the devices to check if the sensor has been installed successfully.
    CrowdStrike Falcon sensor successfully installed
  4. In the CrowdStrike Falcon portal, navigate to Host setup and management >
    Manage endpoints > Host management to view the devices on which the sensor is deployed.
    Devices listed under Host management

Once successfully deployed, CrowdStrike Falcon will begin to protect the devices from malware and other potential attacks through the installed sensor.

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