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What are the pros and cons of Android Enterprise integration via Google and Managed domain?

Hexnode enables you to set up your organization in the Android Enterprise (AE) program via both Google and Managed domains. Both these methods have their own pros and cons.

Managed Google Play Account Integration

You will only need a Gmail address for the AE integration via Managed domain; it is not necessary that your organization have a Google Workspace account. The integration can be seamlessly completed through a series of simple procedures by navigating to the Google Play console.

When a user enrolls the organization in AE, an enterprise Google Play account will be created. The user will be assigned the role of the Managed Google Play admin. The admin can add additional users to assist them in managing apps via the Managed Google Play.

Hexnode supports both authenticated and non-authenticated enrollment of the devices into the Android Enterprise integrated via the Managed Google domain.

Additionally, unlike the Google domain integration, there is no maximum limit for the number of devices that a single user can enroll in the organization.

Google Domain Integration

It is the Google recommended Android Enterprise integration for the customers with the Google Workspace suite. However, the setup is lengthy and requires a Google domain for the enterprise. The setup includes creating a Google Service Account and configuring Hexnode as the EMM provider. But once the device gets enrolled, Google Workspace (G Suite) will automatically set up on the device and therefore require no further configuration. One of the main issues faced by the organizations enrolled using the Google domain is that changing some configurations in the Google Admin console might affect the enrollment state of the devices.

Note that only a maximum of 10 devices can be enrolled to a G Suite user. So, to enroll additional devices once the device limit is reached, you might have to add new users to your Google Workspace account. Also, user authentication cannot be relaxed during device enrollment.

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