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How to install iOS apps without iTunes account

Installing iOS apps through the Apple app store is the safest way recommended. Even through MDM, it is easy to push store apps to the device in bulk. But every time an app is pushed to the device, the user will have to sign in with their iTunes account to install the app. In this case, the user may choose not to install the app at all.

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) from Apple Deployment Program is the ideal solution for purchasing apps in bulk and distributing them without the usual hassle.


  • iOS device with OS version 9 or above.
  • Hexnode MDM with VPP integrated with it.

The app licenses purchased through VPP can be assigned to the device in two ways

  1. Assigning to a users Apple ID
  2. Assigning to the device’s serial number (iOS 9+)

Assigning the license to the devices serial number will not require signing in with the Apple ID. In this case the user may only need to deal with the prompts for installing the app. If the device is Supervised, the app will install silently without even the prompts. A supervised device with VPP app license assigned to it by the device serial number is the best solution for an enterprise and users in the app management scenario.

To assign an app license to a device

  1. Set up a VPP account in Hexnode MDM.
  2. Purchase apps through the VPP account.
    1. Go to VPP store.
    2. Search for an app in the store.
    3. Select your app from the list and enter the quantity for purchase.
    4. Click on Review Order to see the order details.
    5. Click on Place Order to complete the purchase.

  3. Go to Admin > Apple VPP.
  4. Select the VPP account and click Sync.
  5. vpp sync account

  6. Go to Manage > Devices and Select the device(s) you want to install the VPP app to.
  7. Click on Actions > Install Application.
  8. Select the VPP app you purchased and click Done.

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