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How to Enforce iOS Updates using Hexnode MDM?

Never let your devices stay outdated. With Hexnode MDM, all supervised iPhones and iPads can be updated to the latest version of iOS available for a specific device. To download an update larger than 100 MB, the device must be connected to a WiFi network.


  • If an update is found, the device passcode is wiped. You’ll need to set it up later.
  • On iOS 10.3 and later, Software Update does not require DEP enrollment. Prior to iOS 10.3, devices need to be DEP-enrolled.

Enable iOS Updates

To update the device software,

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. Navigate to Manage tab.
  3. Check an iOS device.
  4. From Manage drop-down, select Update OS.

Have a look at the other way around.

  1. Login to your Hexnode portal.
  2. Navigate to Manage tab.
  3. Click on a device name.
  4. Select Update OS from Actions drop-down.

There will be a couple of choices available.

  1. Download only: System updates are downloaded on the device, but not installed. The user might need to install it manually on the device from Settings > General > Software Updates > Install.
  2. Download and install: System updates are downloaded over the air, and installed once it’s downloaded.

    Some software updates require the device to be either plugged in or have at least 50% charge remaining in its battery.