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Most common ways to use Hexnode

Every company defines its business goals before implementing a product. This judgment allows you to choose a product easily. The need for enterprise mobility is dynamically evolving, and it is necessary for any company to choose their UEM solutions according to their use cases.

Why do we need Hexnode UEM? What do they offer to our enterprise? These might be the first questions that arise in your mind when you get to know about Hexnode UEM. Here we provide you with the most common scenarios that rely on Hexnode, which helps you understand how you can make life easier with Hexnode.

Offers your employees the privilege to bring their own devices.

People are always comfortable working with their devices of choice. With Hexnode, you could offer your employees the freedom to work with their own device, reducing your hardware expenditure. But it’s always difficult to convince the employees as they reckon their privacy is being compromised.

Hexnode UEM brings you BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) management that keeps the corporate data secure meanwhile respecting user privacy. We provide separate encrypted containerization for the work app and its data so that it is separated from the personal app. Corporate data will be isolated within the container, and the IT admin can only access the data within the container. The security policies prevent data loss from unmanaged apps and locations. The policies also restrict the user from copying the data between the containers even if they are using the same application. These configurations make your BYOD experience smooth and secure.

Offer your employees with ready-to-go devices.

In this modern moving world, most people use their devices on the go. To keep up with the moving world, companies should be up to the mark to support their employees, need. These employees need access to corporate data on the go, and you need to make sure that the corporate data is secure.

Hexnode provides bulk enrollment and management of devices, including integrations with the Apple Device Enrollment Program, Samsung Knox platform, and Android Zero-Touch Enrollment. These integrations make the enrollment program completely automated. These help the IT admin apply the required configurations during the initial set up of the devices. Hence you could provide fresh-out-of-the-box devices to your employees and not worry about enrolling the device even if they aren’t techie as the person is walked through a setup flow.

After completing the enrollment, the policies will be applied to the device, and the user will be able to get straight to work. These integrations support bulk enrollment, which makes your experience even easier.

Offer kiosk mode on your devices.

Mobile devices offer users a wide range of possibilities. It is often seen that the employees make use of devices for their personal applications as well. So, companies restrict the features of their devices to increase efficiency and reduce their cost of expenditure.

Hexnode offers you kiosk mode that allows you to restrict the device to only the apps required for your business. Kiosk mode contains both Single App mode and Multi App. These configurations help you to limit the device to their served purpose alone. This also increases the simplicity of the user experience.