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Getting Started with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management

People are now comfortable working with the devices of their choice. With Hexnode MDM’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management, employees can use their personal devices for work related purposes. However, the corporate data should be secured without compromising employee’s privacy.

Containerization establishes separate, encrypted containers on personal devices thus separating work app and data from personal app and data. Business data within the container will be isolated from everything else on the device and permits the admin to manage only the data within the container.

Key Advantages of BYOD Management

  1. Remote Wipe.
  2. Data leakage protection

Android BYOD Management

Hexnode MDM lets you to deploy Android Enterprise program in two different ways. You can either manage the devices completely or you can create a separate work container on the device.

If you need to manage the devices completely, you can enroll it as Device Owner, which grants the entire privilege to the organization. And if you are planning to create a separate work container space to manage your device, you can enroll as Profile Owner.

Profile Owner

  1. A separate encrypted work container will be created on enrollment.
  2. Work-profile apps and notifications can be identified with a work badge (orange briefcase icon) on the app icon thus distinguishing them from personal apps.
  3. Apps to be used in both personal and business space runs double on the device. One will be unmanaged for personal use and other managed with the work badge icon.
  4. Personal devices to be used for work-related purposes are recommended to be enrolled as profile owner.

Device Owner

  1. The device will be entirely managed by the organization.
  2. Enrolling your device in device owner mode ensures that it supports all profile-owner features and some additional features such as Kiosk and a set of advanced restrictions.

If you are planning to use the device for both personal and work purposes, go with the Profile Owner mode, since it creates a separate work container space to manage your device without interfering with the personal data on the device.

Key features

  1. Managed Google Play Store.
  2. Distribute Enterprise Apps.
  3. Blacklist / Whitelist Apps.
  4. Silent App Installation.
  5. Custom App Store.
  6. App Configurations and permissions.
  7. Android Enterprise restrictions.
  8. Deactivate the work container.

iOS BYOD Management

Hexnode MDM controls the data flow between the personal and corporate space on iOS devices by means of specific advanced restrictions categorized as Business Container. It prevents attachments or documents from managed source being opened in unmanaged destination and vice versa.

Restrictions included under Business Containers includes:

  1. Preventing documents from managed source being opened in unmanaged destination.
  2. Preventing documents from unmanaged source being opened in managed destination.
  3. Preventing managed apps from writing to unmanaged contact accounts.
  4. Preventing unmanaged apps from reading from managed contact accounts.
  5. Prevents sharing managed documents via Airdrop.