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Troubleshooting Windows app install error

Hexnode provides easy distribution and management of applications on Windows devices. However, sometimes the installation of applications pushed through the MDM portal might fail on Windows devices. This can prove to be challenging for the users as well as admins. This documentation helps you identify the reasons for app install failure and fix them easily.


File formats other than MSI and APPX are not currently supported. Make sure that you convert apps to either of these formats before distribution.

Reasons for app install failure

Reason Description
EXE file not supported File format not currently supported on Hexnode. Convert to MSI or APPX.
Installation overlap The application is already installed on the device.
Version mismatch The application is not compatible with the Windows version installed on the device.
  • All MSI apps are supported on devices with Windows version 1607 and above
  • Non-Windows Store Apps are not supported on Windows 10 S
Missing Agent App Hexnode Agent app must be installed on the device before distributing MSI apps.
App installation success in the portal but not visible on the device The MSI package file is initially built specifying its installation directory to a user-specific location. If such apps are deployed via Hexnode, they will install on the system user (root user) account. Hence, the application installation status will be shown as ‘Success’ on the MDM console.

However, such apps will not install on other user accounts present on the device. Here, a ‘Scan Device’ action pushed to the device cannot detect the presence of such apps. So, these apps will not be listed on Manage > Devices > click on the required device to open the device details page > Applications.