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Enrollment Settings

Hexnode MDM supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Windows PC and tvOS devices. The enrollment procedure of each of these platforms are different. The admin has to initially configure the enrollment settings in the server. After configuring the enrollment settings, the user can enroll their devices.

Admin Settings for Enrollment

In the Admin tab select Enrollment settings. All the settings that need to be configured prior to enrollment is done here.


Enrollment without authentication – The fastest and easiest way of enrollment

In this scenario, the admin may only provide the enrollment URL to the users. The users then enroll their devices with this enrollment URL. No emails, no credentials. The method of enrollment is different for different OS platforms.

Here a default user need to be created in order to assign all the device enrolled in the portal to that user. If no user is specified, the device will be enrolled with the name “Default User”.

A default password need to be specified for enrolling Windows devices without authentication. A password will be already set in the portal by default. You can change it according to your wish.

Enrollment with Authentication

The enrollment with authentication method will require the user to enter a username and password for enrolling their devices. The admin can enable the enrollment request modes :

  • Email – The enrollment request will be sent as a mail with enrollment URL, user name, password and QR code.
  • SMS – The enrollment request will be sent as an SMS with enrollment URL, user name and password.

The enrollment credentials are delivered according to the request modes selected ie: enrollment mail or enrollment message. The enrollment mail or message typically contains an enrollment URL, username and one time password (OTP).

Enrollment Restrictions

Enrollment Ownership

After configuring the enrollment settings, save the settings and all the changes will be applied to the portal.

Sending Enrollment Request

After all enrollment settings are configured, we can start enrolling the device. For No Authentication Enrollment, the admin needs to only provide the employees with the enrollment URL. For enrollment with authentication, the admin need to send enrollment request to the users. You can do this in many ways

  1. Create user and send enrollment request one by one
  2. Integrate with Active Directory and send enrollment request
  3. Upload CSV and enroll in bulk
  4. Pre-Enrollment

Create user and send enrollment request one by one

This method will allow you to create a new user and send enrollment request immediately. We do not recommend this method for enrolling a large number of users. Instead, this will come in handy when you want to add a user occasionally.

  1. In the Enrollment tab click on New Enrollment.
  2. Click on Select User and select +Add New User.
  3. Enter the details of the user and click Save.
  4. Click on the Send button to send enrollment request to that user.

You can also choose not to send enrollment request at the time of user creation. All the users can be added in this manner and the enrollment request can be sent all at once. This method is recommended when the number of users are very less.

Integrate with Active Directory and send enrollment request

The Active Directory integration is the most preferred way of enrollment by enterprises. Users can be imported quite easily to the MDM console with AD integration.

Once the AD users are imported to the MDM console, all you need to do is

  1. Go to Management > Active Directory.
  2. Select the domain or OUs or groups.
  3. Click on Manage and select New Enrollment.

Bulk enrollment with CSV import

When there are a lot of users to enroll but no Active Directory to integrate with, bulk user import is the way to go.

  1. Go to Enrollment tab.
  2. Click on Bulk Enrollment.
  3. Upload the CSV file with all the users and their details. You can get a sample CSV file by clicking on Sample CSV at the top.
    Bulk Enrollment using CSV file

    A Sample CSV file will be of the following format.

    Bulk Enrollment using CSV file

    You need to provide the following details regarding the user to send bulk enrollment request.

    Field Name Description
    Name Provide the name of the user.
    Email Provide the email address of the user to which enrollment requests are to be send.
    Mobile Number Provide the mobile number of the user to which enrollment requests are to be send.
    Ownership Specify the device ownership type either as Personal or Corporate owned device.
    Device Name Provide a suitable name to identify your device.
    Password Set the password required for authentication.
  4. Check the option Pre-Enrolled devices if you want to enroll it as a Pre-Enrolled device.
  5. Click on Next and verify the details of the CSV uploaded.
  6. A prompt pops up asking to send the enrollment requests to the users.
  7. Check the option Send Enrollment Request to send enrollment request to all the users in the CSV file.
  8. Click Confirm.
  9. Click Done.

This will take you to the enrollment page listing the users to which enrollment request has been sent through CSV file.



Devices can be pre-enrollment to the MDM console and all configurations, restrictions and settings can be assigned to these pre-enrolled devices.


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