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  1. Create a new user
  2. Fast-track enrollment
  3. Device Enrollment via Email request
  4. QR Code Enrollment
  5. MDM Device enrollment via SMS
  6. Self-Enrollment
  7. MDM Device Enrollment via CSV Import
  8. Device Pre-enrollment
    1. Using DEP
    2. Using CSV file


MDM device enrollment can be a pain at times, which is why Hexnode MDM has optimized the enrollment processes to get your devices up and managed instantly. Enrolling devices with Hexnode MDM is pretty simple. Actually, there are quite a few methods to get your devices enrolled.

Create a new user

The first step is to create a user. To do this,

  1. Go to Management tab in the Hexnode MDM portal and proceed to Users section.
  2. Click on Enroll > New user.
  3. Enter a default name and email address. Enter the mobile number if you want to send enrollment request via SMS. Save the user for later use.


Fast-track enrollment

When you are the admin and you have the devices with you, there is no point in enforcing user authentication for the enrollment. Hexnode MDM lets you turn off authentication and enroll the device straight away.

To set up fast track enrollment,

  1. Go to Admin tab in your Hexnode MDM portal and select Enrollment Settings.
  2. Disable Enforce Authentication.
  3. Select a default user and a password, and save the settings.


Device enrollment is a bit different for different device platforms. To enroll

Device Enrollment via Email requests

Hexnode MDM lets you send out enrollment emails to the devices. The idea is you send out an email with the Enrollment Portal URL and Authentication credentials. On the enrolling device, you enter this Portal URL and credentials and Hexnode MDM will enroll the device after authentication.

Send an Enrollment request.

  1. Create a new user.
    1. Go to Enrollment Tab > New Enrollment > Select User > Add new user.
    2. Specify user details.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Send.

An Enrollment request will be sent to the specified email address. Here’s what it looks like.

enrollment request mail

Let’s now complete the enrollment process from the device. It varies slightly with the device platforms.

Enroll an iOS device

  1. Open up the Enrollment portal URL in Safari browser on the device.

    hexnode mdm's enrollment screen on safari browser

    Fill in the Authentication credentials, choose ownership and tap authenticate to start enrolling your device.

  2. Specify the Email ID and OTP (mentioned in the enrollment email) and tap Authenticate.
  3. After authentication, you’ll be prompted to install a Hexnode MDM profile on your device.
  4. Tap Install and you’re done. You’ll receive a confirmation message upon successful enrollment.

Enroll an Android device

  1. Open up the Enrollment portal on the device. You’ll be directed to Hexnode MDM app on Google Play store.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. Provide the Username along with the Server address and Password (all mentioned in the enrollment email) and Tap Next.
  4. A confirmation to activate Device Administration will pop-up. Enable Device Administration and continue.
  5. Hexnode MDM will enroll the device after authentication.


Enroll a Windows device

  1. Open Settings > Accounts > Access work or schools.
  2. Tap Connect.

    mdm enrollment settings on windows device

    1. For Email, enter the email address (where you have sent the invite).
    2. For Server, enter the exact enrollment URL specified in the enrollment email.
    3. For password, enter the one-time-password (also specified in the email request).
  3. Tap Sign In and you’re done.
  4. You will receive the ‘Account added’ confirmation.

Email enrollment is ideal if you want to quickly enroll a device. For anything more than a handful of devices, it’s advisable to resort to other bulk enrollment options.

Enroll Windows Laptop

The management of windows laptops is the same as Windows mobile devices.

Supported OS version

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

To enroll Windows 10 laptop


  1. Go to Settings → Accounts →Access work or school.
  2. Select Enroll only in device management.
  3. Enter you work email.
  4. Enter the Hexnode MDM portal URL and click Next.
  5. Enter your domain username if you want to enroll using AD credentials. If not, leave this field empty)
  6. Enter your domain password if you have opted to enroll using AD credentials. If not, enter the default password available in the Enrollment settings tab in your Hexnode MDM portal.
  7. Click Next. You have now successfully enrolled your laptop.

In Windows 8.1, Go to Settings → Network → Workplace and click on Add Account. The rest of the steps are same as in Windows 10.

QR Code Enrollment

Enroll your devices by simply scanning a QR code. You don’t need to type in the server name, username or password. Start by creating a new user and sending an enrollment request. On the device, install Hexnode MDM app. Scan the QR code in enrollment request, a few taps later, you’re enrolled!

  1. Create a new user and send an enrollment request.
  2. Install the Hexnode MDM app on your Android device.
  3. Launch Hexnode MDM and tap Scan QR code option on the bottom left.
  4. Open up the enrollment email on your computer and scan the QR code in the email.
  5. Tap Allow image and video capture permission. Hexnode MDM scans the QR code to grab your server name.
  6. Tap Allow Device Administration and Continue.
  7. Grant a few more permissions for Location, Device storage access and calls.
  8. You have enrolled the device and it’ll show up under Management > Devices.

MDM Device Enrollment via SMS

By enabling SMS integration, you can receive enrollment requests as text messages on your phone.

To start getting enrollment requests on phone,

Go to Admin > SMS Settings.

Select an SMS vendor from the list, for which you’ve signed up for, and fill in the credentials you obtained from the SMS vendor. Alternatively, provide SMPP settings like SMSC ID, SMPP Host, SMPP Port and password. Click on Save button.

After saving the SMS settings, proceed to Admin tab > Enrollment Settings and check SMS under Enrollment Settings.

Send an SMS Enrollment request

  1. Create a new user.
    1. Go to Enrollment Tab > New Enrollment > Select User > Add new user.
    2. Specify user details. Be sure to include their cell phone number.
  2. Choose Ownership type.
  3. Check Send enrollment request.
  4. Hit Save.

An Enrollment request will be sent over Email and SMS.


With Self-enrollment, you can skip the Email enrollment requests altogether and have users directly enroll their devices.

Self-enrollment involves authenticating users against their Active Directory credentials and it requires having at least on AD configured. You can selectively turn on enrollment for specific domains.

To enable Self-enrollment,

  1. Select Admin > AD Settings.
  2. Click on any of the AD slots to edit configurations.
    active directory based device enrollment in hexnode mdm
    Active Directory based Device Enrollment makes it easy to enroll devices by authenticating users against their AD credentials.
  3. Check Allow Self Enroll to turn on self-enrollment for all the users in that domain.

Users can now directly access your enrollment portal from their device and start enrolling their devices. The portal URL will be of the form

MDM Device Enrollment via CSV Import

Hexnode MDM lets you to import users via a CSV file and send out enrollment requests to all of them at once. You can create local users at once or select a large number of users in your AD to send enrollment requests.

To import users from a CSV

  1. Select Home > Enrollment.
  2. Click on Bulk Enrollment.

First, let’s send requests to local users. For Domain, choose local. If you have a CSV file in the prescribed format, you can upload it. Else, download a sample CSV file by clicking on the Sample CSV at the top right corner. You can use this file as format reference.

device enrollment via csv import in hexnode mdm
Check out Hexnode MDM’s bulk enrollment option via CSV Import.

Now click Choose file and select a CSV file containing your users’ list. Click next. Here, you can verify the entries. Keep the required ones selected and click next. You’ll receive a confirmation. Click send, enrollment requests will be sent to the selected users.

For sending requests to AD users, at the bulk enrollment request screen, select the CSV file, choose an AD domain and click next. Hexnode MDM will show the list of matching domain users in the CSV file. You can select the required users and send them requests likewise.

Device Pre-enrollment

The Pre-enrollment feature lets you import devices into Hexnode MDM, even before the enrollment is completed from the user end. When pre-enrolled, the admin can pre-configure settings on the devices. The configurations will be applied once the device is enrolled.

You can pre-enroll devices either using DEP or by adding device serial numbers using a CSV file.

Using DEP

While adding a DEP account, you can choose whether to pre-enroll Apple devices or not when the device is added. To do this,

  1. Head on to Admin and select DEP.
  2. Select DEP Settings.
  3. Be sure to check the option Add as Pre-enrolled Device while setting up DEP account.
  4. Save the settings.

Using a CSV file

To pre-enroll devices with a CSV file,

  1. Go to Enrollment tab.
  2. Click on Bulk Enrollment.
  3. Upload a CSV file containing the mandatory information such as name, email, ownership, SerialNumber and platform. All others, like mobile and devicename, are optional. A sample CSV file can be downloaded from the Sample CSV link available at the top of the bulk enrollment page.
    1. The ownership field can contain either of these three values – ‘personal’, ‘corporate’ or ‘selectuser’. Selectuser allows the user to select ownership details while enrolling the device.
    2. Platform field can contain ‘android’, ‘ios’ or ‘apple’.Windows devices cannot be pre-enrolled as of now.
  4. Once you’ve uploaded the CSV file, check the Pre-enroll Devices option and click on the Next button.
    pre-enrollment feature on hexnode mdm
    Pre-enrolling devices using a CSV file.
  5. Hexnode MDM will automatically map keys for you. If anything goes wrong, map the keys manually.
  6. Select all users to which the enrollment request is to be sent. Click on Next > Send and you’re done with it.
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