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How to Add Certificates for Apple TVs?

Apple devices support digital certificates and identities. A digital certificate plays a vital role in identifying the legitimacy of a client or a server across network communications and encrypting the information exchanged between them.
Trusted Certificate Authorities (CA) issue certificates to be used in several ways. Organizations add certificates on employee devices to assure the user’s digital identity and streamline access to corporate resources. Hexnode Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution enables you to install certificates on the devices automatically. Generally, certificates are restricted to specific users and employed for particular usages. Hexnode lets you push the certificates to particular users or devices. This article helps you with adding certificates to Apple TVs remotely.

Adding Certificate from MDM console

  1. Go to Policies from your Hexnode portal and create a New Policy or update an existing one.
  2. Under Apple TV select Certificates.
  3. Click on Add Certificate and select the proper file from the pop-up menu.
  4. Add certificates for Apple TV with Hexnode MDM

Associate the Certificates policy with target devices

You have to associate the policy targets for installing certificates on the necessary devices.

  1. Go to Policy Targets and click on Add Devices to select the target devices.
  2. Click Save to push the certificates to your Apple TV.

  • Credential details can be seen by pressing the “+“ button which appears after adding the certificate.