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Device Lifecycle Management in Hexnode

DLM or Device Lifecycle Management is a process or task usually undertaken by the IT department of a company to take care of all the corporate devices managed by the organization. All the devices purchased by your organization have a lifecycle associated with them. Hexnode provides you with a complete device lifecycle management system that helps you manage your devices from the moment they are purchased until they are no longer required and have to be recycled.

Device Lifecycle Management is an integral part of any organization that requires a system to manage their corporate devices.

How do enterprises benefit from Hexnode’s device lifecycle management system?

Increasing productivity

Through its various features aiding remote device management, Hexnode guarantees to minimize productivity loss due to device downtime. Proper functioning of devices ensures that employee productivity is not affected due to faulty machines. Users can focus on the core values of their business strategies rather than utilizing their time to make sure their devices are functioning flawlessly. Maintaining the devices individually could eat up valuable time, which could otherwise be used to contribute towards the company’s growth.

Enhancing data security and privacy

Hexnode provides you with an array of extensive security and privacy features that your organization can utilize to improve the security of the data that is stored on your devices. The security and privacy settings available inside policies can be configured according to the compliance standards of your company.

Easier device management

You can easily manage all your newly purchased devices using Hexnode’s seamless enrollment methods, which provides you with an option to enroll devices in bulk. You can also create additional technicians and assign them with different roles to help take care of device management.

Device Lifecycle

What are the different stages of Hexnode’s DLM?

Enrolling your devices

When your organization purchases new devices, the first step of Device Lifecycle Management is to enroll them into the Hexnode portal. Hexnode’s Device Lifecycle Management system supports the following platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • tvOS
  • Windows
  • FireOS

Applying configurations via Policies

After enrolling the devices, you can seamlessly manage and secure them from the Hexnode portal. The first step towards securing your devices is by pushing relevant configurations to them and ensuring that they meet the security and compliance criteria specified by your organization. Hexnode provides different kinds of configurations to facilitate device management:

  • Device Restrictions
  • Network and account settings
  • Security
  • Kiosk
  • Web Filtering
  • Personalization and more.

Securing your devices

Securing enterprise devices is made easy with Hexnode’s latest security features specifically customized for all your mobile and desktop devices. You can remotely configure BitLocker, Microsoft Defender and other restrictions for your Windows devices and set up FileVault, Firewall and a countless number of other security features and restrictions for your macOS devices. You can configure numerous restrictions and security features for your iOS and Android devices as well.

Configuring security features on your devices ensure that they are protected from malware and other security threats, secure stored data and also manage the privileges to be given to each application or software installed on these devices.

Reusing your old devices

Once a device is unable to meet its requirements in the current team or if the user of a particular device leaves the organization, it is ideal to wipe the device before reusing it. You can seamlessly wipe the device from the Hexnode portal by initiating a Wipe Device action. Once all the data has been cleared from the device, you can re-enroll the device and assign it to a new user.

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