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How to assign device cart to Apple School Manager users

Endpoints deployed by schools for educational purposes may not necessarily be used by a single student. It should be accessible to multiple students sharing similar characteristics within the school, for instance, students attending the same lectures. Apple’s shared device program offers a solution that facilitate students to share same iPads whenever necessary. Institutions that use mobile devices for educational purposes usually prefer shared iPads as it can be used by any number of students instead of a single user. These iPads can be shared among a group of users; any user specific data and apps on the device cannot be accessed by another while they are using the shared device.

Shared devices enable users to log in and access their files and applications. The details of the users who has checked out the device can be viewed from the Hexnode UEM console. Shared iPads that should have the same settings are grouped together and are assigned to a class or a user group, for instance, the devices that are to be used by students of a particular classroom. These shared iPad groups are termed as device cart.

While assigning the users or user groups or user domains to device carts consider the following limitations,

  • iPads have a specific number of cached users attached to them.
  • All the student data stored on the iPad is pushed to the iCloud drive. The app data will be stored in the app cloud if available.

Assign device carts to Apple School users

Create device carts in Hexnode and then assign cart devices to the classes/domains/device groups.

To assign class,

  1. On your Hexnode UEM console, navigate to Manage > Directory Services.
  2. Select the domains (schools/locations/classes/grades/courses) to which devices are to be assigned.
  3. Go to Actions and select Assign Carts.
  4. Select the device carts.
  5. Click on Associate.

Now all the members of the selected groups can access any devices in the device cart. All they have to do to access it is login to the device with their organizational Apple ID and password while device checkout.

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